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Mar 15, 2009 04:23 AM

What are the idiots at Luby's thinking?

In this economic environment how can Luby's overhaul their pricing to the extent they charged me over $22 for a pork chop, salad, three vegetables, bread and tea -- for lunch! Sure, I was stupid for assuming they still had a fixed price, but even A la Carte, that is an absurd price for a cafeteria.
Count me out forever.

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  1. Once the Pappas chain bought them, many years ago, I gave up on them. Portions went down, prices went up.

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    1. re: danhole

      I agree. I will admit though the chicken fried steaks did get bigger and *that* I am happy about. :-D

    2. The slap in the face to me was when paying out and they were charging 30 cents for that little tiny nano-ounce of (Andes) chocolate mint. Small gold ingots they're not.

      1. I know Luby's has been really struggling financially but $22 is absurd!

        I just hope they can still stay afloat because it's the only decent cafeteria left.

        1. Woofy.....stop going to chains! I rarely dine at a chain anymore and I very rarely pay over $22 for two people (sans the tea) for lunch. I have grown tired of substandard food and service at the chains. Also, as in your case, the meal ends up being more than what you would pay at dinner! If you would like some suggestions of lunch places let us know (also include what city you are in!!).

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          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Thanks, but it's tough since independents are a rare and dying breed in the Hurst, Bedford, Euless area. We like a lunch around $10 or less and in, out and back to work in under an hour - and to further complicate things, we're tired of just about everything around since menus never seem to change much.

          2. When I first moved to Oak Cliff, Luby's was my second meal . My Houston raised husband was so excited, but as soon as they rang up the cash register, I was like, "oh no...we need to go check out Jefferson for some cheap eats." $22 is ridiculous. They need to seriously reevaluate their target diners.

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            1. re: jindomommy

              Jindo...let me know what you find on Jefferson.

              As a fellow afficiando I bet you would like El Ranchito, Paletas Frutitas, La Palapa Veracruzana and Tortas La Hechirzera

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Hounder...just saw your post. I've been eating my way through Asia the past few weeks. You would have loved it! Love El Ranchito and La Palapa Veracruzana as staples. However, we also will just walk into random places and just give it a good try. But, there seems to be quite some turnover. I cook five nights out of the week and we drive all over Dallas to eat, so we don't actually eat in the hood all the time. So, last year we tried La Aldana in the spot where Loretta's was and then now it's gone. Hard to keep up. I also just like eating at the grocery stores where you can find cheap sweetbreads. No lemon caper sauce, but still good. I should really try to commit some of these places names to memory because my husband and I refer to our favorite taco place as Abierto 24/7. LOL...we don't even know the name. Some of the best eating on Jefferson is just walking through the bakeries and grocery street food. If you couldn't tell yet, I love my ethnic street food. It tells you so much about a culture and it's good!