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Mar 15, 2009 12:55 AM

Food on a Stick Challenge...I want to crush my competition :)

My office recently started a monthly, informal food competition. I won last month's salsa cook-off with a pretty good roasted tomato salsa. This month's theme is 'food on a stick' and I'm completely stumped. Does anyone have ideas?

The parameters that I need to work in:

Works well on a stick (duh)
Can be served cold or room temperature....I don't have any way of heating up my dish.

I was thinking about finding some popsicle molds and whipping up some coconut milk/fruit frozen bars. Still, I would like to have more options, like an elegant, tasty appetizer or something like that.

Can anyone help me brainstorm?

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  1. Mushroom, pearl onion and pepper cabob.

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    1. re: billieboy

      I just did mushrooms stuffed with herbed cheese a grape tomato on a stick for a party I attended.

      I have also done mozarella balls dipped in pesto and wrapped with pancetta (but you said vegetarian) They were great room temp

      Stuffed pepper would be great roast slightly and stuff with a soft herbed cheese
      Figs but that is pretty generic stuffed, but always good

      I have let peaches marinade in a balsamic and honey reduction with fresh mint. Spread with some cream cheese and dip in fine crushed pecans on a stick. Nice sweet but the balsamic gives it some tang

      Along that line I have done honey dew also marinade in mint and lime and then dipped in a light honey and yogurt and then rolled in crushed up pistachios

      This is a favorite of mine and even though it is pan fried, room temp is fine for this. I take zuchinni and cut in 1" thick round. Then I take the center seed area out. I stuff the hole with a vegetables bread stuffing. It varies, but usually some sauteed onion, carrots and spicy cubanella pepper and then add some fresh bread to give it some substance and stuff the center. Then I dip the zuchinni is egg and bread crumbs and pan fry till golden. The zuchinni get a bit soft but holds together well. I put them on a stick from the one side through the middle etc. Works great and really tasty.
      This can also include a little cheese in the middle with vegetables instead of the stuffing also good and room temp. I made these last year. I put two on each skewer
      Either of these could be served with a dipping sauce. Sort of depends what you stuff them with. Maybe a nice spicy cheese sauce for the vegetables or a more of a tomato base for the cheese.

      Small mini spring rolls or egg rolls with vegetables and a light sweet dipping sauce

      My Blue Cheese stuff Olive Balls

      Also, last one I make potato dumplings poke a hole in them and stuff them with just about anything. This is my post. But I include my recipe for the dumplings. You can stuff with a complete veggie stuffing. Or if you read my request, you can used mashed potatoes, stuff the potatoes and then dip in egg and then bread crumbs and pan fry. This easily could be put on a stick and served with a dipping sauce. Anyways, they are a lot of fun.

      Well that is my thoughts

      1. re: kchurchill5

        Oh!!!! I like the spring rolls on a stick idea.
        Future plans for that one. Thanks

        1. re: billieboy

          They are fun for parties. Endless fillings and dips. Bite size morsels. I do one with crab, jicama, spicy peppers, avacado and some cabbage. Another with smoked salmon dill, cabbage and mango and spicy cucumbers with chili oil. So many ways to make them. Welcome

    2. I've celebrated "international Food on a stick day" with my kids for 4 years are between 14-17, so probably not-so-sophistocated, but ultimately the day proves successful

      some of the best things (attach "on a stick" after each) include:
      Bacon wrapped water chesnuts with bbq sauce
      pizza balls....
      chocolate covered strawberries....
      chicken satay......
      stuck pig in a blanket...
      Spanish meatballs.....
      Kafta (Lebanese: ground lamb+mint+ allspice).....

      good luck !
      good luck and

      1. Well you can't top what is available on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair! There at least 25 items on a stick mentioned in the first three minutes of this five minute video, including Alligator, Jumbo Pickle, Pork Egg Roll, Porcupine Meatballs, Hot Dish, Teriyaki Ostrich, Cheese Pizza and a Reuben:

        1. The vegetarian part is stumping me a bit, but you could do something with fresh mozzarella and tomato with some sort of balsamic "sauce". Or figs stuffed with gorgonzola and walnuts, drizzled with a balsamic reduction. (I usually wrap them in prociutto, but I suppose that's not really necessary...)

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          1. re: theferlyone

            "but you could do something with fresh mozzarella and tomato with some sort of balsamic "sauce"."

            Ooh! Caprese salad on a stick! Just add a basil leaf & drizzle with balsamic & olive oil. Mmm!

            1. re: ccrow

              I do this all the time, though I brush with pesto instead of skewering basil.

          2. Jicama con Limon. Peel and cut a jicama into nice big cubes. Marinate in lime juice for at least an hour. Put on the sticks. Dust with Chile Powder. Enjoy!