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Mar 14, 2009 11:12 PM

Toronto Life's Best Restaurants 2009 list - Thoughts?

Toronto Life just published its "Best Restaurants" list, the first time in three years - the last time was in 2006:

(Not to be confused with the Best NEW Restaurants list, which it publishes every year


The honorable mentions are here:

11. Colborne Lane
12. Bite Me! (previously Thuet
)13. Cava
14. Hashimoto
15. Chiado

Thoughts on the top 15?

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  1. Which one is one top ten ?

    1. Kind of hard to comment on a top 15 list when the top 10 are hidden... guess I'm supposed to buy the magazine, huh?

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      1. re: Gary

        I am glad to see Didier on the list -- we had an excellent meal there and the place was nearly empty on a Saturday night which made me worried about whether it would still be there the next time we wanted to go. The foie gras was unbeatable.

        1. re: Arcadiaseeker

          eigensinn farm
          via allegro
          sushi kaji
          north 44
          langdon hall
          auberge du pommier

          1. re: insideman

            is this the top 10 list? so where's Didier?

            1. re: insideman

              Is the list in order ? Does it mean Canoe is No.1 and Eigensinn Farm is No.2 in Toronto ? Thanks.

              1. re: skylineR33

                Without knowing the numbers, it seems like a pretty typical list of what I'd imagine many people would consider to be top restaurants, though a couple are a bit mystifying.

              2. re: insideman

                Is this list in order, does anyone know?

          2. Given the current downdrafts, I'm wondering about their editorial/marketing judgement in pitching this list now, apart from pitching life preservers to sinking restos.

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            1. re: Kagemusha

              Because it's an annual list that comes out the same time every year?

              Besides, I don't think Canoe is going to turn into a Depression-era soup kitchen any time soon.

              1. re: childofthestorm

                No but it, like others, will likely show giant reptile inability to adapt and so just vanish. TO Life's take on anything is far from canonical in 2009.But I'm grateful my kid's dentist subscribes, since that's when I read it.

                1. re: childofthestorm

                  It doesn't publish the "Best Restaurants" list every year. As JohnnyBooy points out, the last "Best Restaurants" list was in 2006. It does, however, publish a "Best NEW Restaurants" list every year.

                  But ranking, new or old, the best restaurants in Toronto is something Toronto Life hasn't done in three years.

              2. Come back James Chatto - all is forgiven!

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                  1. re: Dimbulb

                    You're right - my bad! - I had the article open at the 'Cheap Eats' page and saw the list of names there. Assumed that they were the compilers.
                    What a boring list (although to be fair a few are still performing at a high level).

                  1. re: LemonLauren

                    that's last year's list if I'm not mistaken.

                    It's Toronto Life afterall, the readership is quite waspy. It's no surprise the big guns all made the list. Only surprise is Langdon Hall, since it's so far away.

                    I would throw Old Mill (Ancaster) into the hat if places like Langdon Hall are considered.

                    The bankroller of Toronto Life is best chums w/ the owner of Via Allegro. They're also always guaranteed a spot on their best of lists. You draw your own conclusions.