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A decent piece of pie...

I was in Milford NH today and drove by a restaurant that sold mainly pie (the name of the restaurant had the word "pie" in it but it escapes me now).
I got to thinking, where can one go to sit down and order a piece of pie from a decent selection of pies? I grew up in Connecticut where we used to frequent a place called "The Pie Plate" and I wondered if anyone knew of any place like that anywhere in Boston area?
I am sure these places also serve regular fare, but where is one to get a nice slice of pie when one is in the mood? I am willing to drive...north shore, south shore...it doesn't matter.

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  1. Petsi's Pies and Pie in Newton Centre.

    Overall, Petsi's Pies are better; however, the Cookies and Cream Pie from Pie is AMAZING.

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      I like Petsi's in Somerville better than the other location near Harvard Sq. Everything seems fresher. I tried Pie in Newton. Very good stuff..

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          Petsi's looks very good. Anybody know how the walk is from Harvard Yard? Google Maps says its about a mile away, but I'm curious if anybody has actually walked there (and if there are sidewalks all the way).


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            I do this walk fairly regularly and would say it is about 15 minutes from Sander's Theatre. There are sidewalks all the way.

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              The Petsi's at 31 Putnam Ave is only a few blocks from Harvard Sq where Mass Ave and Mt Auburn St meet going towards Central Sq.

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                Canto 6 in JP had an amazing plum galette or rustic tart and i'm fond of a similar creature to be had a Clear Flour, usually apple and sometimes another flavor as well.

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              Up Oxford, right on Sacramento. Pleasant walk.

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          I've heard that you can order savory pies like Chicken Pot Pie from Petsi's. Has anyone tried them? The Putnam street location is 2 blocks away from me, and I keep meaning to get a savory pie for dinner. Also, I was going to go there for a evening coffee yesterday and they were closed at 8pm- I guess that staying open late wasn't working for them.

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            I've had the chicken pot pie from the Somerville store - very good indeed, with big torn pieces of freshly-cooked meat. You can get slices or a whole one. There are several different savory tarts, too.

        3. I live in Milford, New Hampshire and there is a place here that is not a restaurant but, sells meals that are prepared to bring home and heat up, that is called Humble Pie. They have MUCH more than pie:)!

          1. Pie and Bakery Cafe in Newton Center is also very good. You can go in, sit down and just get pie. I ordered a couple for last Thanksgiving, they were fantastic!



            1. If you're willing to drive, check out Post Office Pub in Grafton, MA. You can call ahead and ask which pies are on the menu for the day. Great dessert selection there. (The rest of the menu is standard pub fare, unless they break out the empanada special. That really is special - my guess is there is someone from Argentina in the kitchen.)

              1. Oh, now you've dredged up memories of the late lamented Betty Crocker Pie Shoppe, a chain which had a Burlington MA location that later became just The Pie Shoppe. It's been mentioned before; why it closed is a mystery. They had a variety of pie, whole and by the slice, and a perfectly acceptable full-meal menu, a fine place for a lunch salad, chili (cheese toast accompanied both), or sandwich, still leaving room for pie.

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                  We have an old Betty Crocker Pie Plate from the Pie shop. Does anyone know the value?


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                    As I recall, the deposit was only 25 cents. That was cheaper than buying a new aluminum pan . I kept a couple and imagine they are in a lot of kitchen cabinets, so I doubt they have any collectible value.

                2. I think you're talking about Mile High Apple Pie? It's on Milford Road in Merrimack, just past a lot of strip malls on either side of 101-A. I stopped in once after antiquing, and after looking at the pie crusts, chose not to buy. IIRC, their pie crust was VERY thick - and the apples weren't packed into the pie.

                  Otherwise, I think Petsi's is good (although sometimes I don't like her crust either).

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                    I agree about the crust at Petsi's - rather thick and tough, I once remarked on this on a previous post and took some heat, even though I wrote that I understand that when you're producing dozens of crusts a day you need something you can handle quickly and indelicately. The Petsi fillings are top-notch, so I'll gladly make the crust trade-off!

                  2. Any comments about Petsi versus Flour Bakery? Are Petsi's non-pie bakery items good?

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                      Never been to flour, but I have never been disappointed in anything from Petsi's, which includes the cream cheese coffee cake, scones, coconut cupcakes, and the oh-so-good ham, gorgonzola, and caramelized onion biscuits

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                        I also have never been disappointed and frequently overwhelmed by the goodness of everything at Petsi's, but nothing from Flour (Fort Point) has ever really impressed me (or been especially bad either - just fresh and OK).

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                        Flour doesn't have pie, if that's still what we're talking about. Or if they do, it's certainly not a regular thing.

                        The Somerville location of Petsi has a more limited selection -- basically cookies, scones, and pies -- and everything there is great. The pear-ginger scone and the spinach and pine nut pie are my favorites. I haven't been to the Cambridge location, but I think they have a wider variety.

                        Flour has a lot of savory items that Petsi doesn't, like soups and sandwiches. They also have some more elaborate sweet items that Petsi doesn't carry, like dacquoise and tarts. I would happily eat anything at Flour, but probably the only items I'd go out of my way for are the savory items and anything brioche-based.

                        So, I think where they overlap, Petsi tends to be better, but they don't overlap that much.

                      3. I agree that the pies at Petsis are as good as it gets. They are baked at the Somerville location which may explain why they seem fresher there. I love that you can get slices and try a few kinds. The mixed berry and multi-berry are heaven. While the crust can be thick, it is clearly handmade which is unusual these days. The scones, especially when heated briefly in the oven are pretty heavenly. I just had a fabulous pie of sorts at an unusual location. It was a crostada (a little pie) at Tomasso in Southborough. It was filled with goat cheese and lime zest and sat on honey and a crispy (and homemade) crust. Absolutely fabulous.


                        1. I, too, miss The Pie Plate. Their industrial quiche was so good, and so simple, and you could get a massive rectangular one for not too much money. Oddly, I can't remember their desserts as well.