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Mar 14, 2009 08:43 PM

"Stories" Any one been lately?

The reviews I had read on "Stories" have been mixed. We will be in Halifax for three nites and I have them on my list of places to eat. Should I switch to somewhere else?


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  1. I was there about a year ago. Chef Scott created for us a 6 course tasting menu that was fantastic. 5 of the 6 courses were right on, with only the foie not terribly well executed. Keep in mind its a very small dining room which has the benefit of intimacy but if you like a lot of action in the restaurant don't expect to find it at Stories. Scallops are fantastic. We had a bottle of Sangrantino di Montefalco that was excellent.

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      Thank you Winewolf. We really enjoy tasting menus so I will keep it on our list. Since it is a small dining room, I will be making reservations also.

      Thanks again.