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Mar 14, 2009 07:36 PM

Fun Dinner in Providence, RI


My husbands family is coming down to Providence for his father's 50th birthday. We are looking for a FUN place with some awesome food for this dinner celebration (about 8-10 people).

Seeing as there is a wide range of ages (16-50) and we want to have a more relaxed night- we are not going "upscale".....

Anyone have have fun, creative ideas???

Thank you!

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  1. What kind of budget per person are you looking at? Any specific cuisine likes/dislikes?

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      Also, since you put such a strong emphasis on FUN, what defines "fun" for your group?

      1. re: invinotheresverde

        We are pretty flexible on cuisine, Asian is always good. I was thinking a maybe a Hibachi grill, or maybe a good steak house.

        I guess "fun" sort of defines something a little diferrent.

        The only thing is they are not"chain" people.... Any ideas would be much amazing!

        1. re: ksmitty

          MuMu on Atwells isn't what I would describe as a fun place, but they might be able to put together an interesting menu and food presentation.

          1. re: ksmitty

            If you want Hibachi there is always Oki's in North Providence...a bit expensive and a lot cliche but the food is usually good and the show fun. A cheaper version of the exact same food can be found at Shogun on Jefferson Blvd...Soli the owner used to work for Oki. The new Kon Asain grill in EG has Hibachi but the Hibachi there just sucks...the sushi bar and kitchen menu were good though.

            If you want different there is Wright's Farm in is all you can eat Chicken for $9.95. Or maybe try Juliens on Broadway in Providence...pretty eclectic not really expensive...very different. Red Stripe in Wayland square on Waterman is also different...a new take on comfort food. Try the mussels and frites. There are some different places around that people do not think of right off the bat that do not totally suck for a big group.

            1. re: late to dinner

              I have to disagree on Wright's Farm. The chicken is fair, at best, as are the uninspired sides (potatoes, mushy pasta, and a salad).

              The atmosphere is like an enormous buffet room, where literally hundreds of people are wolfing down food at long family-style tables. The rooms have an unpleasant odor, probably from the carpeting which traps odors, spills and everything tracked in from outside - don't know when it was last cleaned. Then there's the wait, which can be up to 2 hours - for poor-to-fair food, it's absolutely not worth it.

              1. re: late to dinner

                you say the hibachi at Kons "sucks" and then offer up Wrights Farm? thats interesting

                Kons is excellent BTW, best Hibachi in the state, and Wrights Farm is an "experience" all right, it a RI Institution but by no means is it anything special.

              2. re: ksmitty

                You might like 10 Steak and Sushi, as you're considering steak. The decor is fun and eclectic (scratch 'n' sniff dessert menu, do it yourself s'mores), the service fine, the food better than average.

                It's not cheap (especially the ridiculous wine prices), but I don't really consider it super upscale.

                1. re: invinotheresverde

                  10 Steak and Sushi definitely is one we are looking at. I think we have finally settled on a steak and seafood place so at least is narrowing down the search....

                  So anyone with thoughts on good steak and seafood places in Providence... not too upscale!

            2. The only "fun" place to have dinner in the city at this time of year brings to mind Dave and Buster's in the Providence Place Mall: