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Mar 14, 2009 07:35 PM

Plum wine recipes? Cocktail or other?

First time posting in this area, so thanks in advance for your advice!

My husband and I just had a wonderful cocktail at a Japanese restaurant consisting of plum wine, vodka, cranberry and pineapple. It was so fantastic that we ran to the liquor store to buy plum wine to make more of these tasty concoctions at home this evening. This got us thinking -- can anyone suggest some great recipes (cocktails or otherwise) for using plum wine? We are new to the stuff but love the flavor...


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  1. I make umeshu every year, and I like it over ice in the summer. Yum!

    1. A japanese restaurant I like does plum wine, triple sec, and ginger ale. Delish!

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        Sounds like some experimenting is in order this weekend...we'll have to try your recommendation. It sounds great!

      2. I prefer it over ice. It's one of my favorite after dinner drinks.