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Mar 14, 2009 06:51 PM

recipe or ideas - smoked trout and eggs?

hello! i picked up some smoked trout from the farmers market today and some eggs. I have a craving for the combo but have never make anything before. any ideas? otherwise, my thought is just to scramble some eggs (maybe with some onions) and then toss in crumbled trout near the end.

without really thinking about this, i realize this is much healthier than bacon and eggs and might fill the craving (somewhat!)

Thanks for any ideas!!!

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  1. Here's one: scramble the eggs with the smoked trout, some cream cheese and scallions! Salt and pepper to taste.

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    1. re: scoopG

      Cream cheese was my first thought too. Maybe mash the trout in the cream cheese and use the mixture as an omelet filling, and mix the chopped scallions or chives with the egg.

    2. Smoked trout goes really well in a potato hash (leftover boiled potatoes crisped in olive oil with onions and shredded smoked trout). Add a poached egg on top, and that's pretty close to heaven for me.....

      1. I would try poaching, and a shredded potato and green onion fried hash brown/ potato pancake thing. Put the eggs on the potato, then the trout on top. I made a rough version of that fishing up in the San Juans once. My trout was pan fried, but I like the smoked flavor for this dish.

        1. Smoked trout benny would be my first choice by a long shot. Or, devilled eggs with smoked trout on top or mixed into the filling. Endive spears filled with egg salad and smoked trout...

          1. My favorite is dark pumpernickle slices lightly toasted, then spread with a mix of the trout, and a herbed cream cheese and then topped with a poached egg. Very simple and great flavor.

            Also a smoked trout cake, just like salmon, shrimp or fish cake then topped with a poached egg and set on a bed of creamed spinach.

            Smoked trout quiche would be great with asparagus and shredded potatoes,
            Or a fritatta, same premise in a sense