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Mar 14, 2009 06:03 PM

anyone been to montana

anyone been to montana. I know about the chabad center in bozeman and there is no kosher meat in supermarkets but what I want to know is, is there kosher bread found in supermarkets or poducts like friendship cheese, ronzoni pasta etc

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  1. We did a cross country trip back in 2000, and did go through Montana, when you go into the larger cities, into the big chain supermarkets (we saw a lot of Albertson's) you'll do fine. Even in the smaller towns there was always some kind of kosher bread, chumous (that was near the Bad Lands in S.D.) and Philadelphia cream cheese.

    Good luck, stay off the big roads (its more fun) and go visit the house on the rock in Wisconsin if you can.

    1. Was through Montana not that long ago. The supermarkets (or Walmart Supercenters) will have national brands with national hashgachas, so pasta should be easy. Bread can be tricky that far from kosher bakeries; sometimes we found packages of kosher bagels. We even found kosher Pita bread in an unexpected place (not sure if that was in Montana though, but worth a look). We didn't look for cheese, but, as vallevin said, you may find 'Philly' cream cheese, but don't expect much else.

      If you want something else to shmear on the bagels, you should have no trouble finding kosher national brands of peanut butter or jelly. The supermarkets will probably carry some form of kosher canned tuna and/or salmon. And of course you'll also find plenty of breakfast cereals and produce. For snacks, there are always Hershey or Nestle chocolates and Nabisco cookies, just check for the OU.

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        Walmart usually carries a lot of kosher products. I've seen kosher tortillas, packaged bread, ricotta, tuna packets, and bakery cookies. I once saw precut produce with a hashgacha.

      2. Plus all the river fish you can catch!

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          I wasn't going to join this thread because I was in Montana 35 years on a x-country trip and didn't keep kosher at the time. I do remember being on our inflatable raft and watching the salmon jumping out of the water and practically landing in our raft, Worth having good fishing gear and applicable fishing license

        2. One thing I noticed in my one trip to Montana back in 1996-- I was surprised to find that national brands of soft drinks like Coca Cola were missing hechshers.

          Mr Taster

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            Soda heckshers are provided at the bottling plant themselves, not at the Coca Cola general production in Atlanta. While the syrup is kosher, the OU, or whomever, doesn't provide supervision at the local level. Outside most metropolitan areas, soda doesn't have a hecksher. Even when I lived upstate NY, the Coke didn't have a hechsher and the college kosher dining hall would only use Adirondack soda, not Coke. It had an OU.

            Whether Coke or Pepsi, etc. needs one as a general matter is not a question for here.

          2. The original comment has been removed