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Mar 14, 2009 05:51 PM

New Orleans May 14-May 20

Hello, Fellow Chowhounds! Hope you are all having a tasty 2009!

I will be in New Orleans for the Tulane graduation (nephew). Plan to arrive Thursday night - May 14. Family accomodations will be important - we'll be doing the crawfish boil on campus Thursday night. Saturday night is Chef's Night at the Frat House....... yes, I'm 50, but one of the frat boy's Dad is a Chef in NO and promised to put out an authentic NO dinner. Saturday will be early early for the graduation, so will do Luke at the Hilton St. Charles, which is where we are staying.

That leaves Friday brunch, Friday dinner - both on the less expensive side in deference to family. When they leave on Sunday afternoon two of my sisters and I plan to start splurging. Here's my initial list of possibilities - any thoughts? Also, I adore Farmers Markets - I see they are on Saturday and Tuesday - thoughts on those as well?

Note: My sister and I are fighting on some restaurants. Ideally, I would like a total NO experience. I recognize that there are some fabulous restaurant, like Bayona,Stella!, but I want to feel the NO/Creole/southern experience at every meal.... Alos, we will not have car, and will rely on st. charles line, walking, or cabs...

Friday breakfast/lunch: Central Groc muff, in a picnic by the river
Friday Night: Cocktail at Arnaud's - a Sazeral or French 75; Felix's; The Old Abscinthe House or the Bourbon House for more cocktails...

Sunday Brunch: Celebratory Brunch: Dantes Kitchen or Patois? Or, if family can afford, would best high end choice be Galatoires?

Sunday night: Upperline

Monday: Trolley Stop - then day long tour of bayou and plantations
Monday night: August

Tuesday: this is tough - Croquette; or Pascal Manale BBQ Shrimp Po Boy, or Oliver's Creole Restaurant (crawfish etouffee), or Herbsaint???
Tuesday night: Brigtsens

Wednesday: Johnny's Poboy

Other considerations - based on my readings of this site and others and my tastes:

Rambla Cochon (lunch); Commander's (lunch, NOT dinner) or K-Pauls' (Turtle Soup)); Yo Mammas (Crawfish); Casamentos (on Magazine street, after shopping - oysters); Dookey Chase (creole+soul); tujaques; NOLA Grocery (lunch); Boucherie

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  1. May I suggest Parkway bakery and tavern you can take the canal street streetcar to it. They have the best overall poboys in the city at this time.

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    1. re: joedontexan

      Do you like them better than Domilise's? It's funny that no one has mentioned them.

      1. re: mgarland

        It depends what kind of poboy you are talking. Domilise's has the worst roast beef poboy IMH, but their fried stuff is good.

      2. re: joedontexan

        where exactly do you get off of the street car for Parkway Bakery? I will be staying at the Ritz on Canal Street in a few weeks and want the easiest route there via street car, hopefully.

        1. re: Bayareafoodiei

          You are about 2 miles away. Take the streetcar to North Jefferson Davis Pkwy and go right(name will change to N. Hagan) for about 1/2 a mile. Parkway is located on the corner of Toulouse and Hagan. Just as a warning...the Canal Streetcar is a slow ride, with people getting on and off at almost every stop, so you may consider a cab if you are in a hurry. If not, it is always fun to enjoy the ambiance of the streetcar. (I talked my husband into taking the streetcar to City Park and Brocato's one day and it took us over an hour from Harrahs, so I speak from experience : )

          1. re: ScarlettNola


            Isn't there bus service on Jeff Davis Pkwy. I thought that they ran to the hospital (name eludes me - Methodist?) That would put you 2.5 short blocks away. Do you still get transfers from the streetcars for bus service?

            Other than the Riverfront streetcar ride, I have to admit that it's been too long ago, and much has changed.



            1. re: Bill Hunt

              I ride it so rarely that unfortunately I do not know. Sorry.

              1. re: ScarlettNola

                Thanks. Someone will fill in my blanks.

                BTW, the hospital at Jeff Davis and Bienville was Mercy. The site would neither allow me to edit, or to even Reply to my post. Still, it has not dumped me completely tonight.



                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  No bus on Jeff Davis as far as I know. And Mercy ain't dere no more.

                  To reiterate Scarlett's instructions, just take the Canal St. streetcar to Jeff Davis and walk the few blocks to Parkway. You can "walk" the route on google maps beforehand if you want to see what it looks like. It's very easy. I can't imagine it taking an hour from the Ritz, but I'm a commuter and don't ride during busy times like festivals or even weekends really. Anyway, my point is you can easily get to Parkway on the streetcar.

                  1. re: uptownlibrarian

                    Thank you for the transit update. I just was not sure what might, or might not, be available.

                    For lunch, I agree that the walk would be a nice one. Later in the evening, I'd hesitate a tad.

                    Yes, Mercy became Lindy Bogg's, and then Katrina hit. My mind was just clouded, though my B-I-L's place is across the canal/bayou and in between Canal and Parkway. We usually stop in to see him, and then walk the few blocks to lunch, often bringing back lunch for his office. Though we've both been gone for decades, we always see someone, who we know, having lunch there.



      3. That's a pretty thorough plan you've got going there. A couple quick thoughts:
        -Dooky Chase is only open for lunch but Willie Mae's Scotch house can fill pretty much any need Dooky Chase did in your menu
        - I don't believe Casamento's is open that time of year, so you'll have to find a place that does not follow "the R rule" so strictly

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          1. re: thecajunfoodie

            Actually, I think Casamento's typically closes at the very end of May or beginning of June, so rp1760 might be in luck.

            1. re: mikemill

              Mike I think you're right, their website actually lists June, July, and August as the only months they are closed. Something tells me they are usually closed part of September also, but rp1760 you may indeed be in luck!

              1. re: thecajunfoodie

                Off topic, but I think you're right about September. Didn't they open somewhere around the 16th or 17th this past year?

          2. Don't miss Boucherie. I didn't care too much for their bbq shrimp po-boy but everything else was wonderful. Also, the last time I had Pascal's bbq shrimp (in December), it wasn't so good. I'd had Mr B's bbq shrimp the day before and they were outstanding.

            1. If you want to venture out the quarter area, Parkway Bakery for poboys is much better than Johnny's, or R&O's poboys in Bucktown.

              1. Definitely Herbsaint on Tuesday. Commander's has the best turtle soup. K-Paul's tastes like chili I can't mention enough how outstanding Emeril's has been recently. Yet another wonderful meal Fri. evening. I'd rather spend a bit more for terrificc food than waste it on a mediocre meal at Upperline. Just my 2 cents.