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Mar 14, 2009 05:26 PM

what to order at Monte Alban?

I am thinking of FINALLY checking this place out tonight. Can I get some guidance please? I am not all that familiar with Oaxacan food.


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  1. See:

    If there's more comprehensive review of this place (or better primer on L.A.'s Oaxacan food), I haven't seen it. Short answer - chicken in black mole ("mole negro") is the start of the show here. Service can be slow though - they seem constantly understaffed, but always worth the wait.

    1. Their Birria is good, and I also like their Clayudas.

      1. "Tacos enchiladas" with chicken or cheese and red or black mole.
        Queso fundido.
        Sopa Azteca.

        And remember, almost everything there tastes even better with a side of sliced avocado.

        1. I love the barbacoa de chiva, and order it almost every time I go there. But I have never had anything there I didn't like -- it's a terrific place.

          1. Molotes plus an extra side of the black bean paste they put on top of these to eat w chips
            Goat taco