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Bar Car Eatery

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So, having read about it here earlier this week, I tried it tonight. It really is nice. The rolls/soft breadsticks are wonderful, the prices are reasonable and the service is great. My husband had the black angus burger which was perfectly cooked as were the fries which were incredibly crispy. My daughter had a pizza and I had the bacon, egg and cheese salad. The poached egg could have been a little runnier but the fried goat cheese was amazing. This restaurant is not in the best location but we found street parking and there's valet parking as well.

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  1. Mary, where is this place?

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    1. re: debmom

      It's in Crestwood. There's a website: Barcareatery.com

      1. re: mary30

        You mean Fleetwood.

    2. I do. It's on Locust Street. Sorry.