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Shopsins...what do you get?

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OMG....I don't know how I am going to decide what to order. Please share what you like, and what to avoid. Thanks.

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  1. Call first - I was over at Essex Market on Friday, and Shopsin's was closed for renovations.

    I've only eaten there once. I had the yin/yang combo with szechwan (sic) shrimp soup and refried cheese rice. Soup was great; rice was fine, nothing special. The breakfast dishes are renowned.

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            i like the kathryn which is mac and cheese pancakes with raspberrys. I had the slutty cakes and didn't like them, but that was a couple years ago.

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              I don't know who bumped this thread up but its been too long since I've been to Shopsins . . .

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              BTW, this past week we finally discovered the Tasty 1 and Tasty 2 platters. The Tasty 2 is two blueberry, two slutty, and two cinnamon raisin. Just enough to get a take of the slutty cakes without getting tired of them (although I think the pistachio nuts are amazing and make the dish). Although my fiance ended up stealing half of my bacon/egg pancakes, with a few generous squirts of their housemade hot sauce and half the maple syrup bottle.

              Meanwhile, I discovered become addicted to their take on the orange julius: an Orange Boulius: foamy orange with pomegranate. Delicious!

              Friend of mine went more lunchy with a small soup (chipotle cream - exactly as advertised, creamy and spicy and smoky) and a Jew Boy sandwich. BBQ pulled beef brisket, grilled onions, and Swiss cheese. Yum.

            3. Ebelskivers - like a combo of banana bread, french toast and pancakes all rolled into one
              Slutty Cakes
              Mac and Cheese pancakes
              Bacon and Egg pancakes
              Castles - the sliders are the best I have ever had. EVER
              Piaf - it's like french onion soup, with eggs and toast.
              Egg Chimichanga - their guacamole is unbelievable. I was surprised!
              If you liked poached eggs, any of the "Pete" dishes. They are all good. I like the Wiggly Pete.

                1. Never thought about going here..I thought of it as one of those tourist traps that offers mediocre food with some crazy gimmick. I actually went all the way down there to eat at Katz with my husband but upon looking at the long long line, I walked right out with security guys yelling to pay. Then I went to the Russ and Daughter to buy some smoked fish but the line was also really long too...at this point, I am pretty upset and hungry so I decide to go back to my office. Then I decided to check out Essex market to buy some bread from Pain D'avignon and saw Shopsin and decided to settle in.
                  My husband ordered the Indianboy sandwich which has lamb, mint fig curry, potato lace and peas and I ordered panko pork, yam fries, haricot vert red onion.
                  OMG, both of the sandwiches were so so good! and i haven't said that since....I don't think I ever said that after eating a sandwich. We gulped down the sandwiches. The waiter was shocked to see them gone so fast..not a crumb left on both plates. the waiter was actually pretty friendly.

                  1. For the uninitiated (which we were til this morning), here's the menu:


                    I feel safe saying NO ONE has ever seen anything like this :) A friend who used to live in the area told us about it last night and we went for lunch today.

                    Each person has to order something so we shared the ProZack sandwich which is brisket, Hatch chili, jack cheese on garlic bread and the Say-Yes which is short ribs and bacon with wasabi and potato salad. We have no doubt that these were the two best sandwiches we've ever had!!! Even the bread was just right for each sandwich. They also have ketchup squeeze bottles with four different sauces from pretty mild on through to habanero. And terrific pickle slices. What a find. And it being steps from the Essex St subway station on a windy day helped. It's in the Essex Market which is a worthy destination even without Shopsins. Highly recommend.

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                      I once got brave and took photos during one of our breakfasts, sorry about the poor quality I was trying to be discreet.

                      Photo of Mo betta: bacon and egg sandwich on mac and cheese pancakes.
                      Photo of bacon and eggs with toast background,
                      foreground really addictive, delicious, crispy crunchy potatoes.

                      I don't mind waiting on line because it's an excuse to pick up something terrific next door at Saxelby .

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                        The one guy didn't have a problem with my taking pix of the food but was hurling F-bombs at me re taking pix of him. I hurled them back and we had a jolly, good time :) We were lucky as there was almost nobody there when we were. Those cheeses sure did look good.

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                            We were totally prepared and he/we got a big kick out of it :) I commented that I bet not many nuns eat there! But, really, I egged him on. I LOVE NYC!!!!!

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                        c oliver, thanks for the report.

                        Perfect on a cold Winter day.

                        Did you walk over to Rivington and pick up some sweets at Economy Candy?


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                          Not big on sweets but this market is going to be on our rotation for future trips.

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                            don't miss the mac n' cheese pancakes

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                              I'd read here and elsewhere that they're quite the dish :)

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                          That place is amazing for any number of reasons- glad you made it there! I have 't been in too long and need to remedy that......
                          Love the flying f-bombs story :)

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                            As some of y'all may know, I'm no wallflower :)

                            One of our daughters lives in Seattle and they have a great sandwich place, kinda Cuban'ish. I wrote her and said that Bob described our sandwiches as "Paseo on steroids" :)

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                            Cool. I was glad to note that the piece is from 2002 so obviously they didn't move. Thanks for sharing.

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                              I believe that Shopsin was the inspiration for the Soup Nazi.

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                                  Actually the Soup Nazi was the inspiration for the Soup Nazi.

                                  We used to live on West 56th, right around the corner, and my wife once went in there and had almost the exact same experience as Elaine. He told her that whatever she had ordered (I forget) was all gone and then served some up to the guy behind. She got mad, they argued, and you all know the ending; NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!!! The kids' babysitter was henceforth forbidden to spend any of our money in there. Hahaha

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                                  Technically they have moved twice... Started out at 63 Bedford Street, then moved into 54 Carmine Street (now the Market Table space), before finding a home at Essex St Market.

                                  I was there when they shuttered 54 Carmine. Was going to have brunch with a buddy, the doors were locked, thought it was odd, they weren't going to let us inside at first. "Today's our last day." One of the daughters, I think, cautiously let us in after confirming that we "weren't in a hurry." This was back when they had self service coffee and tons of candy jars everywhere.


                                  Here's the documentary about them. It's a little shaky cam, I'll warn you....

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                                  it's streaming on Netflix, as well.

                                2. I know this is an old thread, but I had breakfast there this morning, with my daughter and her friend, and the Senegalese Blisters on My Sisters was new to the menu. Luke the waiter told me I was the first one to order it. It was fantastic. Peas, potatoes, curry, cheese, eggs, chicken, tortilla, greens. Amazing flavor and texture.

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                                    Dang, that sounds good. Was everything in the tortilla?