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Mar 14, 2009 04:10 PM

Best Mexican in DC?

Would love to hear your opinions. We went to Oyamel's and did not like it. So, no small plate restaurants. Thanks!

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  1. Not in the District, but close I highly recommend Guajillo in Rosslyn.

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      The best in the District, if we are counting out Oyamel, is Taqueria Distrito Federal. Outside of the District, then you have to go to Bladensburg/Riverdale or TECC in Arlington.

      1. re: ChewFun

        What is TECC and in what part of Arlington is it located?

        1. re: retroshawn

          Tacqueria El Charrito Caminante (when he was in the trailer he had it shortened as "El Charro" - miss those days).

          It's an indoor stand just south of Pershing on Washington. Between the Z Pizza and 7-11. Get the Chorizo! (Goat, pork and beef are also good - skip the chicken). The green sauce is the kick for spice.

    2. What did you not like about Oyamel?

      I second Taqueria Distrito Federal, and especially the places in Bladensburg/Riverdale (not a fan of Guajillo except for margaritas), but they're best at what I'd call "street food" - tacos, soup, a few simple dishes.

      Oyamel is much pricier, but does a pretty good job of more complex, regional Mexican food. I've eaten there a couple of times, and had some really fabulous dishes.

      1. I second Guajillo in Arlington... it is delicious. Get anything with mole.

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        1. re: jodik

          Menu at Guajillo is limited and what is there is adequate. Good by DC standards. They have a sister restaurant called Casa Oaxaca in DC with a more focused menu, but I've never been.

          1. re: Steve

            I agree with the Guajillo recs, and would say it's well above just "good by DC standards", I'm a CA native, and my family would host an annual carnitas feed at our ranch for the seasonal workers (cooked in a big copper pot in the orchard by the local carnita-making crew). Guajillo's carnitas compare favorably to that experience- it's that good. It's a bit pricey for Mexican, but I'd say it's well worth it, and I love the sangria.

            1. re: Steve

              I've heard good things from Mexican friends about Casa Oaxaca (it's the only Mexican place in DC they'll dine at). I'm not a fan of Oyamel either.

              1. re: Steve

                Casa Oaxaca is great. I went with a friend who lived in Mexico for a number of years and she also loved it and said it was very authentic.

                1. re: joann.hill12

                  I've heard that the ventworm nut at Rosa Mexicano is very good.