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Mar 14, 2009 02:56 PM

Providence Menus

Going to Providence tonight. First time! I may
or may not order the tasting menu. Any favorites
that you hounds have ordered from the a la carte
menu? I realize the menu changes daily. What have
you had that's really good from the a la cart menu?

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  1. If it's your first time, you MUST try the tasting menu with wine pairing. That is the only way you will get to experience what Michael Cimarusti is capable of doing and get the full Providence experience.

    1. Do Chef Tasting if you can. It's amazing!

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      1. re: fdb

        My tab at Providence was $560 That included two chef tastings, one with wine pairing, probably two bottles of water, two coffees and tip.

        1. re: SDGourmand

          Thanks for your recs KT and SDG. The meal was spectacularly good! Just home (after 4 hours) and may not eat again for a couple of days. I'm stuffed. Everything we ordered was wonderful except (in the opinion of one in our party) the John Dory. I really dug the Bacon Brioche(!) from the bread basket with butter and tiny grains of sea salt to sprinkle on myself. Oh my!

          Couldn't get universal agreement on the Chef's Tasting, so all ordered from the rest of the menu. Awesome! No wonder Providence is so well regarded. Beautiful dining experience. My tab for a cocktail, appetizer (Maine Lobster Risotto) entree (Black Bass), 2 amuse bouches (one was a Mojito Raviolo, wow!), 2 half glasses of really great wine, a taste of the dishes of the other 4 friends at the table, strong ethiopian coffee with raw brown sugar cubes, tax and 20% tip, $126. Worth every penny. :-) Time for a nap.

          1. re: SugarFrosted

            Next time, you have to get the tasting menu with wine pairing -:)

      2. Get the black fish (usually black bass I think). And the seared foie gras. I think those two are a must :)


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          Can one do a few savories and then follow it with a dessert tasting?

          1. re: uhockey

            Yep the dessert tasting an always be ordered separately even if you don't do a whole tasting menu. Some people also come and just get dessert tasting.
            Although ... IMHO right now is not the best time to do that. I've had much better desserts there in the past than recently (tho I haven't tried the walnut ricotta torte I just saw on the online menu).