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May 20, 2004 01:55 PM

Cuba Central - New Cuban in Little Tokyo ????

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I was just driving down Central in Little Tokyo and to my surprise I noticed a new Cuban place adjacent to Weiland's Brewery and Senor Fish (at 1st street).

Has anyone checked this place out yet? Festive, hand-painted, Havana styled signage all over the building advertising take-out. Seems to have just opened. Didn't catch the address but it's right at the corner of 1st and Central...

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  1. Haven't checked this place out yet. The building used to be a private Japanese club where I imagine elderly Japanese men played go, chain-smoked and drank expensive sake.

    If I pick up a takeout menu I will post highlights. Not a big fan of Cuban food, though.


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      Had lunch here today. Nice place, still getting its act together. Very crowded today for lunch. Best for smaller groups based on table configurations. Had a pretty good Cuban sandwich with banana chips for $5.95. Plantains looked good. Black beans looked good. Fish looked good. Mojito Chicken seems to be a speciality from $6.95 to $8.29. Most expensive item is a grilled shrimp plate for $11.29. Open til 10:00 p.m. 114 S. Central. 213/687-3193.

    2. Wow this place is amazing, it blows Versalle away. I really like the nice Cuban pork sandwich. I tried it on monday for lunch. I have the roasted pork and ham. It was a little greasy but, thats what cuban food is about. The plantains are not saugy. Perfect nice and real. for a side dish i had a tamalle. It was suprisingly good, even though i did not know that cuban food had tamalle in menu.

      My Score: 1-5 ( 5 best- 1 poor)

      service: 4 ( cute waitress)
      Menu: 4
      Food: 4
      Presentation: 3
      Price: 4

      Notes: i liked it alot and i will probably eat there. nice laid back and not over priced.

      Peter ( New Market Loft Resident)