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Mar 14, 2009 02:28 PM


Mu husband and I will be in Venice for 2 1/2 days first week of May. He does not eat seafood and I love it! Need a few really great "trattoria" style restaurants that serve both. Nothing "new style"...just great homemade uncontrived food.

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  1. Please search this board for posts on Venice. You will find many recommendation on places that has both seafood and meat items on their menu. Just make sure you don't reserve at place that has an all-seafood menu (ie. Alle Testiere, Corte Sconta). There are also a few places that serves no seafood (ie La Zucca, La Bitta). You won't have to worry too much about "new style" in Venice as most restaurants/trattoria/osteria serve traditional Venetian cooking.

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      thanks. have narrowed our list down but still cannot find a restaurant that erve calves liver Venitian style which is one of my husband favorite dishes. any recs?

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        We had an excellent rendition of this dish at Osteria San Barnaba (da Sandro) a couple of years back but they have a limited menu and may not offer it all the time. Ive also had some relatively poor versions at various other places since it is a meat dish that even seafood specialists might carry. Hopefully someone will point you in a good direction, but you may want to check the menus for some of the meat specialist restos, Ai gondolieri, la bitta, etc, and Fiaschetteria Toscana. All a Zucca does not offer it to my knowledge.

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          Alle Botte should have calves' liver Venetian style. We ate there for lunch on our last day in Venice and I'm not a fan of liver so we didn't have it but they had it on the menu. Please note that the menu was handwritten on a Board so not sure if this is a dish they will have all of the time.