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Mar 14, 2009 02:11 PM

Pizza in EC, Columbia area

well I have just been wondering about Gateway Pizzeria (near 108 and 175 in Elkridge). they serve Indian food as well. was it formerly Waterloo Pizza?

6520 old waterloo rd; 410-799-0333

from this forum i've gathered that pazani in elkridge is good 1 or 2 people said its pretty close to pizza in italy on their webpage it says it's a homage to old school ny pizzerias.

pasta blitz in clarksville
ec too?

chef paolino's in columbia

trattoria e pizzeria da enrico in king's contrivance and dorsey search village ctr in columbia
well actually is the ds location suggested as well?

best sicilian or thick pizza slice?
sweet sauce?
how is pastino's upper crust pizza in centre park dr coumbia?
i read it has sweet sauce.

I'll have to go to vennari's again.

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  1. had a slice at pastino today
    better than trattoria e pizzeria da enrico in kings contr
    and pazani where i had a sicilian and ny pizza slice

    dont know about the others
    although the trattoria slice i had was on sunday maybe slightly outside of peak lunch hrs

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    1. re: vivinator

      Even for "a little thicker pizza", I just can't see Pastino's on top of any list. Tried it many times under old and new management. (I frequent Great Harvest Bread Co. next door.) I think Bella Mia is better for this style of pizza. You might also like the "Baltimore-style" takeout/delivery pizza, like what's offered at Pizza Boli's.

      Trattoria e Pizzaeria da Enrico is my favorite in the area, but I haven't visited Pazani's yet.

      1. re: bmorecupcake

        What do you like at Great Harvest? I know this if off the pizza topic, but I have walked through there several times without finding anything that I liked. It would be great to find something delicious there.

        1. re: HowChowBlog

          Most important thing is you must go in the morning. By the afternoon, many smaller items have dried out a bit, e.g. the scones and blondies. The menu changes constantly. Every day of the week there's something different and every month a new menu. The menu is posted online. Also, I usually don't want a whole loaf of bread anyway, so I always take the opportunity to sample their bread. I actually buy butter from there, too. They get their's from some place in Lancaster. And when you spread some on your sample slice of bread, you'll understand. :)

          If I'm making sandwiches for company, I will get a loaf of their old fashioned white bread. The raspberry cream cheese scone is also a favorite. The brownies are a no-no, but the chocolate brownie bread is very good. The blondies are also good. I love their chocolate chip cookies. These are just plain, simple "chocolate chip cookies", not oatmeal chocolate or anything like that. They don't have these every month.

          1. re: HowChowBlog

            Their pepperoni rolls! They have several type, with various combinations of peppers (banana, sweet), but I love them all. Also, their cookies are very good.

            1. re: HowChowBlog

              Thanks to both of you. I will definitely stop next time I'm up there.

        2. I'll take Pazani in Elkridge over all the other places.

          Gateway has an interesting soft crust that some NYers say tastes authentic to them, but I prefer the crisp crust and the really good toppings at Pazani. The vegetables and sausage at Pazani taste more like the great pizza places you get in DC or Baltimore. If you say Pastino is even better, then it definitely worth a visit.

          People do like Bella Mia, Luna Bella and the Trattoria e Pizzaeria da Enrico in King's Contrivance. Watch for the Pasta Blitz locations. They differ a huge amount, and I have heard the best things about the one in Clarksville.

          Do you have any suggestions for thick slice local places? Last time that I asked about this, the best recommendation was Uno.

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          1. re: HowChowBlog

            I'm not sure if I'm a good barometer for judging pizza places. However try Pastino. you never know. hmm thick slices. no idea.
            I'm not so sure I'm big on NY pizza. at least judging by Pazani and what is probably the best place for ny pizza in Orange co, CA. lol ill have to try real nyc pizza.

            thick slices hmm I don't know try the costco at gateway overlook (108 and 175) 775 calories a slice lol. for an actual pizza place I dunno.

            I think I like thick pizza better.

            bella mia wasn't bad either.
            i'll have to try waterloo. I saw the blog comments about it. and indian with the pizza is awesome. expeciallly since i'm a 2nd gen indian

            ill post this as a comment to your pizza blog post.

            1. re: vivinator

              Thanks. I think the place that serves Indian and pizza is Gateway. It is next to the Food Lion on Rte 108. I think Waterloo is a few blocks away -- closer to the Lowes.

          2. I hate to say this, because I love to support the local, small shops. But, the best slice in Columbia is at Mamma Lucia's.

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            1. re: Jason1

              Also like local shops, but in this case we like z'pizza.

              1. re: MrsWheatie

                I had liked Z pizza for slices when they first opened, but at one point they had a mass exodus of their staff. At this point the pizza quality became iffy, and they actually shrank the size of their slices. My best guess at the time was that they added at least one additional cut to their by the slice pies, creating at least two additional pieces per pizza, and shrinking the size of the slices that I would buy. It got to the point where two slices aren't really enough for lunch, and that, combined with the wildly inconsistant quality, means that I rarely go back. I drive further to go to Mamma Lucia's, pay more (only about 50 cents for two plain cheese slices, but their topped slices are expensive), but I think its worth it.

                1. re: Jason1

                  The Mama Lucia's near Trader Joe's on Rte 108?

                  1. re: HowChowBlog

                    Yep, that's the one. Between the Trader Joe's, Mamma Lucia's and the Perfect Pour, I love that strip.

            2. Right now my favorite pizza in HoCo is from Mimi's Kabobs in Clarksville. This location is on 108 just South of 32 near Artie's Ice Cream. It used to be a really good Pizza/Sub shop called Stuffed at Clarksville Station. The owner sold about a year ago and the Kabob place was stood up. Due to popular demand they brought back all the old dishes and at least some of the old kitchen staff still works there. They serve NY style pizza. I also really recommend their Calzones (each made fresh to order - not just reheated!) and a very nice reuban. Order a steak and cheese calzone - not on the menu, but they still make it. it's awesome, fresh, and as big as a football!