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Mar 14, 2009 02:00 PM

Alewife T snacks - Samosas, Dosa

The snack stand at the Alewife T (right in the station) has some samosas (peas and potato, lamb) that the woman there says come from the Bollywood Cafe in Arlington (?), as well as a masala dosa, and masala chaat.

I enjoyed the dosa with it's side of spicy coconut chutney - but I was glad I had a fork with me, as it fell apart into small pieces. The potato and pea samosa was less successful, the skin was tough from sitting out, and the filling bland - fine if you're hungry but otherwise not worth it.

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  1. Another reason I like chowhound: detailed reviews of subway stand food.

    1. Funny you mention that place; I often notice people getting things from there and I think to myself: it can't be THAT good?!! Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

      1. The lamb samosa is waaaaay tasty. ;)

        1. Before the construction and busing on the Green Line, the Lechmere stop snack bar used to sometimes have pupusas and some plates. Pupusas were serviceable (nuked usually), but not necessarily a destination and I'm not certain what they have now. I just wanted better coffee, though, because its pretty cold waiting for the bus there.

          1. I walk, run, bike, and drive by the Bollywood Cafe on the Arlington/Lexington line very frequently - now I have to make it a priority to stop in there and try some of these morsels from the source - maybe the samosa will be better fresh....thanks for the tip!

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              If you stop by the restaurant, try the pakoras -they're excellent! Bollywood also makes my favorite saag.

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                I recommend the achari gobi @ Bollywood. Have yet to try the samosas @ Alewife, but picked up a packaged bag of Chana Jor Garam (spicy mashed chickpeas) to snack on last week. I think they make lamb samosas as well?

                1. re: rlh

                  Bonus at Bollywood: it's byob. And there's a liquor store next door.