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Mar 14, 2009 01:39 PM

Looking For People To Grill/Make Great Tacos At My House for a Party

Hey Guys -
Anyone have any idea who to contact? We are looking for people to work our amazing grill and make yummy tacos and Mexican treats for a Party. Nothing fancy - just good. Any thoughts? We live in Venice and event is in May.

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    1. I suggest that you go to a farmers's market and talk to some of the taco makers and see if you can find one you like and talk to them about your party. Actually, it sounds like a nice party. Maybe you can find a maraichi band to go along with the chow.

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        i've found that you can usually work something out with whoever makes your favorite tacos. if you have a favorite truck/stand/etc., just ask and they'll either hook it up themselves or put you in contact with people who can do it.

      2. similar inquiries: also see Sept.'08 response at bottom of thread re Lety's. scroll to the last 4 posts - see Tacos Don Jorge and other recommendations.

        1. Just did an event for a private school in LaCanada and dia my High School reunion Picnic. His wife makes the Horchata & Jamaica from scratch
          Las Costas de Guerrero
          "Ricas Taquizas"
          626-665-6008 Jose

          1. I have a guy I've used for school parties, but he brings his own cart to your event, and his minimum is 50 people. But well worth it - we hired him for 30, and had leftovers for everyone to take. Around $10 per person. Let me know if you want his number - I need to schedule him for another event 4/1.