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Mar 14, 2009 12:40 PM

kaffir lime and daun salam leaves near boston

any ideas where i can find them? i checked the markets in chinatown and the the 88 in south bay center and allston with no luck. i heard there's a place in lowell called battambang, and one called kam man in quincy that might have more southeast asian products. i'll probably try them next, but i'm hoping someone here can save me some time and tell me where to find them.


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  1. angkor watt market on shirley ave in revere has kaffir lime leaves

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      Right off the Blue Line at Revere Beach stop. (Another couple of markets are right there too) Stop at Floating Rock (right there next to/nearby markets) if you're there...

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        i came across your previous posts on the same topic while i was searching for mine. i don't know how i missed them the first time. thanks for ansering again.

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          G, thank you for bringing the 6 or so of us to the Shirley St. markets. I now have fresh kaffir lime & curry leaves, bird chilies, lemon grass stalks(graciously shared by Cassis) & Thai basil just waiting to be experimented with. Have had luck rooting & growing the lemon grass and will attempt this with the Thai basil too.

        2. The old super88 used to have them, but I've not seen them the past two times I've been...

          1. Just so you know, Battambang in Lowell no longer carries kaffir lime leaves (due to the citrus canker restrictions, I guess), they do usually have daun salam leaves. And generally thay have a strong range of SEA, especially Cambodian and Viet Namese and Thai ingredients.

            Kam man is definitely more of a North Asian and especially Chinese grocer, they rarely have fresh SEA herbs, and I've never seen Kaffir Lime or Duan Salam leaves there.

            If the shops on Shirley Ave in Revere don't pan out for you, after looking long and hard (but not in Revere) I recently found Kaffir Lime Leaf at the Laotion Grocer (Mekong Supermarket) on Smith Street in Providence. Completely far afield, but for specific Laotian products, and especially their home-made sausage, they are the best I've found anywhere around New England. Anyway, they have their own hot house lime tree, and so have avoided the import restrictions.

            1. I just saw kaffir lime leaves for sale at Russo's. This makes it two out of my three most recent trips to Russo's that they were there. The lime leaves are packed in round plastic containers for $3.49. They are located with the fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, basil). Tthere were also fresh bay leaves for sale, packed the same way. So, do make sure you pick up whatever it is you needed.

              560 Pleasant St, Watertown, MA 02472

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                In that general area, pretty sure I saw kaffir lime leaves for sale at Lamejune Market on Belmont Street, a few blocks past Sofra. Also bay leaves.
                I think there's also a good chance that Sevan has them - Mt. Auburn St.

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                  Thanks for the tip re Lamejune Mkt, we go near there fairly often, certainly more often than Revere or Providence.

              2. Christina's spice store in Inman Square in Cambridge usually has lime leaves. You have to ask for them.....they are refrigerated in an other room.