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Mar 14, 2009 11:52 AM

Miele Dishwasher decibel level

I am very concerned with getting a quiet dishwasher. I am deciding between a Bosch and a Miele. Don't want to pay more than $1500 - so will not consider top of the line Mieles. Bosch lists the decibel level, so I can compare to other brands. But Miele has their own acoustic "rating" which seems quasi meaningless when comparing against non-Miele brands. How can I get the decibel level of Miele dishwashers?

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  1. We have a Bosch. It is very quiet - almost silent if loaded properly. It does a great job washing dishes, though there are issues with drying if you run multiple loads in succession.

    When we bought ours (early last year), all Bosch machines - whatever the price - had the same washing mechanism and performed similarly. There is one noise consideration - loud multiple beeps at the end of the cycle that repeat regularly until silenced. This signal can be turned off entirely, but doing so can create other small annoyances.

    We have ergonomic problems with our machine that don't apply to most other Bosch models. The litany is at

    In short, it is a great dishwasher and extremely quiet while running. Highly recommended, but be sure the ergonomics of any model you consider will work for you.

    Miele machines are great and are equally quiet - possibly even quieter. We didn't feel the difference was sufficient to justify the extremely high price premium.

    1. We have a Bosch in our London shoebox, an OKO (a moderately up market make, also German) in our main home and we spend 1 month a year housesitting for friends who have a Miele, and my short answer would be to go down the Miele route. Apart from anything else it's a very well engineered product, and our Miele washing (laundry) machine has performed perfectly for over 20 years.
      The only issue with the Miele dishwasher is that it has a fan driven drying system which vents through the door, and when the door is opened a small puddle of residual water from this forms on the floor. It's a few years old, so maybe newer models have addressed this?
      In the UK way under $1500 would get you all but the really top Mieles.

      Edit: On subject: The Miele is easily the quietest, but I'm sure position in product range matters quite a bit.

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        That seems a much smaller price differential than in Canada. Our high end Bosch cost in excess of $1,000 less than the cheapest Miele -it was well under $1000.

        Only the most expensive Miele models (at least in Canada) seem to have the most useful features (e.g., the third shelf for cutlery).

        The washing performance of both brands is great - much better than any of the GE (high end), GE (lower end), Maytag, Kenmore, and Westinghouse machines I've owned before.

        When loaded carefully, Bosch and Miele are both virtually silent. Standing directly at the machine, the Miele is a bit quieter. We didn't find the difference great enough to to be worth so much more.

        1. re: embee

          That sounds incredibly expensive! In London Peter Jones is the "go to" department store for Mercedes driving housewives and they stock nothing over £700 (U$980) which is a Maytag. Their top Miele G1222SC is £600 (U$840) which is the same as their top Bosch SMS69L02GB. This is from their website, they may of course carry higher models instore.

          I'm sure you could go mad and find pricer machinery, but the above would be the top end of what even wealthy people would expect to have to pay for a DW.

          1. re: Robin Joy

            I'm a bit hazy right now, but I think our Bosch cost about $600 CAN while the cheapest Miele, which lacked some useful features, cost at least $1100 more. Miele prices topped out at almost $4000 CAN. Much to our surprise, this Bosch model was made in the US.

            The currency fluctuations make price comparisons difficult -$1 CAN was worth about $1 US for much of 2008, but only about $0.75 US as of today.

            1. re: embee

              The Bosch dishwashers are made in New Bern, NC and have been for many years. Bosch converted part of the power tool manufacturing plant to making appliances and they now make several there.

              I have had mine for over 7 years and am happy with the quietness and ease of operating. (Mine doesn't have any beeps at the end of cycles.) I would buy another one in a moment if I needed to. But it looks as though it will last much longer than any of the others I have had, Whirlpool, Maytag and others.

              1. re: BoardSMITH

                I have a Bosch dishwasher and I like it - very quiet except of course for the pump sounds. Because the heating element is hidden, we can put plastic anywhere inside and the capacity is very good.

                Only issue: after warranty expired, the dishwasher developed a problem. I researched it on the net and found the problem was a burnt out weld that I could solder myself.

                I currently have all Bosch appliances and the cooktop has needed a couple of repairs - btw, if it keeps sparking, odds are good a tiny plastic control on the knob has broken.

                The oven is a problem and is why I have a problem recommending Bosch at all: it's only several years old but Bosch is no longer making parts for it and now has redesigned their ovens so they require a larger cutout. They told us this only after months of waiting for a part and, while they've offered a deal on a replacement, if we can fit one in the space the cost of reconfiguring everything (including moving the gas pipe for the cooktop because the back of the new oven is so much bigger) will eat up the savings. Like I said the oven is 5, maybe 6 years old and they aren't making parts for it, which I find troubling. So we're in the position of having an oven that works on some settings but not others or spending thousands.

      2. I'd suggest going to a store that has them plumbed in and listening. They can be very, very quiet. Miele has some factory showrooms scattered about and maybe if you call Miele they can direct you to a dealer that has models actually connected.

        1. I've had my miele for about a year and a half and it is virtually silent (the only sound I ever hear is a little bit of water gurgling when it first starts, but really, it's nothing). I don't recall the model number we have, but it does have the third shelf for cutlery, which I heartily recommend, as it makes it so much easier to load silverware and it gets so clean. It's a great machine. I have had many dishwashers, most of them bad, but this miele is great and worth every penny.

          As for the decibel levels, I seem to recall that when I was researching dishwashers (also deciding between bosch and miele) I found something online somewhere showing that the mieles were a slight bit quieter, so if you google it you can probably find something. Also, check out the home appliance board on Those people know a lot about appliances.

          1. Miele does use a proprietary rating system but don't be thrown off by it.
            They make great products, can't shake a stick at German engineering, but if you are basing your decision on the quietness, you can find other dishwashers that are akin to it at a fraction of the price. Alot of people here mentioned Bosch - they make solid dishwashers but you have to at least buy the 500-series. As I am typing this my Bosch is running...I can hear it, but it's certainly not loud. The noise is actually somewhat soothing (!). My mom has a Miele, I believe it's an Excella, and you literally cannot hear it. This can be something of a nuisance if you don't have a visible control panel b/c I know of many people who have complained about opening them up during the cycle.
            If you must have a Miele you won't find a new one discounted b/c they have a UMRP policy, but you can find great buys as appliance dealers clear out floor models for new models. My dealership just had a bunch of Miele's go on clearance and they were scooped ASAP. I believe there is one left, in the La Perla series.
            If you are going to look at other brands take a look at Kitchen Aid Architect - KUDS03 if you want a stainless front.

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