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Mar 14, 2009 11:32 AM

Grocery Store in Manila

Can anyone recomnmend a grocery store in Manila? I'm looking for a large one, hopefully with an aisle or two for typical ex-pat fare...

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  1. You sound a bit worried. I don't think you should be. Are you already in Manila? What do you mean by typical ex-pat fare? If you were to live in Makati, or any of the more prosperous areas, you shouldn't have too much trouble. Your problem will more likely be the summer heat and the traffic which may make carrying a food cooler for your perishables advisable. (And on the personal security side, just be as mindful as you would have been in any other big, crowded city, and you'll be fine.)

    All the major supermarkets chains, Rustan's, Landmark, Shoemart, etc., will offer you a choice of Australian, New Zealand, or French butters. Fresh milk may be a little harder to come by, due to quick spoilage in the tropics--most people opt for UHT milk and cream. (You can get fresh cow and buffalo milks and cheeses at the farmers' markets.) American breakfast cereals, potato chips, other indispensable snacks (quite a few, but don't expect all of them), European muesli, and Haagen Daz ice cream are available at the supermarkets I mentioned, along with several local versions of the same foodstuffs. And I think I saw Ben and Jerry's at Rustan's. Stuff like good steaks, Australian and American, are available at the supermarkets and at specialty stores like Santi's and Terry's Selection which also stock a good selection of wines, cheeses (including some French raw milk ones!), temperate zone veggies, and more luxurious treats like smoked salmon, foie gras, Spanish hams, etc.

    I suggest that to ease yourself into life in Manila, your first grocery/shopping trip be to the Power Plant mall of Rockwell Center in Makati. It's a manageable size and you should find pretty much everything you need out there: supermarket, deli, drugstore, hardware, retail shops selling American brands, restaurants, and--very important--a pretty good bookstore!

    Enjoy your stay!

    1. Nut has it right - Rustan's Landmark, or Shoemart. My fave was Landmark.