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need to get a very good bottle of wine around 14th and 7th Sunday

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  • eeee Mar 14, 2009 11:27 AM
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Crossroads is closed. any other suggestions?

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  1. Is Union Square Wines open on Sundays?

    1. maybe the chelsea wine vault at chelsea market. they have (had?) limited sunday hrs around noon to five or so...

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        Thanks - Union Square Wines is open, though I might try Bottlerocket as it is mildly more convenient.

      2. Crossroads is a terrific liquor store on 14th just before 7th Ave. A wonderful selection and very knowledgeable staff. Don't know if they're open on Sunday.

        1. Perhaps a little out of your way, but Moore Brothers at 33 East 20th has always seemed to me a little more serious than Bottlerocket with an interesting selection.