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Mar 14, 2009 11:12 AM

Any good traditional bakeries in southern Westchester?

I grew up in Brooklyn where amazing Italian bakeries are a dime a dozen. I moved to Yonkers six years ago and have yet to find a decent bakery anywhere in the area. Anyone know of any? I'm looking for a REAL bakery not a high end fussy place like Riviera where you need a second mortgage to buy a cake that tastes like nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Chester Heights bakery on New Rochelle Road on the Bronxville/Pelham border isn't bad. And the local bakery in Hartsdale village is run by a baker with an Italian bakery background.

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      Second that vote on the Hartsdale bakery, which is called Enrico's. Bronx pedigree and delicious baked goods of all kinds!

    2. There's a pretty good Italian bakery on Gramatan in Fleetwood.

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        Fleetwood bakery, between Broad and Grand on Gramatan. Great cookies, mini pastries.

      2. LOL on the 2nd mortgage!! Try Cafe Trento in the Highridge Shopping Center on Central Ave in Yonkers. Very traditional Italian bakery - has been there forever! I grew up on their cannolis, cookies, and St. Joseph's pastries. I wanted my wedding cake from them, but my hubby wanted his baker friend to do our cake! :o( (A Cafe Trento cake would have tasted SO much better!)

        1. I'm a big fan of Delite Bakery on Yonkers Avenue in Yonkers. It's close to the raceway/Empire City gambling emporium. We got our daughter's communion cake there last year and it was terrific. They also have lovely donuts, crumb buns, danishes, etc. Their prices are also very reasonable.
          Although I live in Fleetwood and could walk to the Fleetwood bakery, I never go there - avoid it like the plague.
          If money is no object, try Rennaisance Bakery in Scarsdale village. Their stuff is very good, though too expensive for us, especially now.

          1. In Mamaroneck, I think Boiano bakery on Mamaroneck Avenue next to Cosmo & Alex Italian Deli (same owners) is under-noticed. Italian bakery - best biscotti primarily but other stuff as well.

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              I like them a lot too, although I've never tried their cakes.