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Mar 14, 2009 10:26 AM

Mapleleaf Area

If my memory serves the Camila Grill is within walking distance it that correct? Is it still open? If not anyplace nearby for breakfast after a show?

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  1. They are half a mile away. Definitely walkable. However, the hours, unless recently changed, are not what they were. Somebody else will have to fill them in, but they close earlier, if I recall.

    1. 626 S Carrollton Ave
      New Orleans, LA 70118
      (504) 309-2679

      call for their hours.

      1. Oak St Cafe opens at 6 am. Good breakfast, love their pancakes. Not sure what Zotz' hours are these days, I think they are back to 24 hours. Or you can go into a holding pattern at Snake and Jake's until breakfast is served.

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          Refuel at 8124 Hampson is great but they occasionally run out of their most popular items like the peanut butter and jelly pancakes.

        2. Thanks for the tips!

          I you like piano check out Bob Malone at the Leaf wednesday night (i'll be there). Offbeat show the show as funk no Idea what's about he is somewhere between Dr John and Randy Newman Julliard trained very funny. Bob can point me out if anyone makes the show.