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Mar 14, 2009 09:47 AM

how big is your weekly food bill

i have 5 adults 1 baby in the house
i spend $150 bucks a week on food of which maybe 15-16 bucks is on prepared food (not take out) frozen pizza,frozen dinner etc.... we eat very well too 2 of us are pleasingly plump

just curious as to what others here spend family size, weekly food bill , how much of it is prepared food etc

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  1. I'm embarrassed by how high my food bill is so I don't want to add it all up. I try for organic produce and meat from the farmer's market, and even though I only get the less expensive items they're still pricier than conventional versions. I regularly shop at four or five different places, and on average it probably totals upwards of $75/wk for the two of us...

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      well pickledginger concidering mostly organic i guess not to bad

      1. I spend $40-$50 a week and it is just me. Guess I am a hungry one :-)

        1. Wow ... I feel terrible. I spend roughly $150 per week at the stores I frequent, but that includes non-food items too. The food portion is probably at least $100. I cook almost daily and we both pack lunches quite often, but it does seem high.

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            To get a UK perspective, about $300 per week for three adults. Adjusting factors are that prices tend to be higher here and we have expensive tastes. Or I do and seeing as I am responsible for almost all of the shopping and cooking...

            Tis an estimate of course (at £1 = $1.40) and not helped by the fact that I settle ny butcher's bill only annually.

          2. These are the threads I probably should not respond to. We spend A LOT on food and wine. Our grocery store tab is probably $150-$200/week depending on the week. Our wine/liquor for home is probably $500/month and we spend about $500-$600/week eating and drinking out. And if we host a party or two they run about $300-500/each when it's all said and done. Our household is two adults...empty nesters.

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              Janet... Looks like we are in the same boat! And relatively close by so geographic costs are close. We are also just two, however sister-in-law has lunch here about 4X week.
              I have taken to shopping at a local asian/international grocery (Fresh World/el Mercado) and have found that I am able to cut my grocery bill by $50-60/per visit. Produce and meats are about 30-50% less. Wine bill is also a big factor here and sadly I have not found an anwser to that problem. How come Italian and French wine prices have not dropped as the Euro/US dollar rate has moved by 20-30% in our favor since last year?