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Mar 14, 2009 09:44 AM

Maine Foods (to buy and serve at an event)

A friend of mine is presenting a local musical event featuring a storyteller from Maine and wants to offer some Maine-ish snacks (giveaway tastes, not a meal, not for sale) during intermission. She doesn't want to do lobster, but maybe lobster-something (dip??). She says blueberries come from Maine, so that's easy. Potatoes?

What do they eat in Maine that's special, and that could be served to an audience of 100 or so without costing a fortune, making a mess, or being hard to prepare or clean up? She's amenable to buying somethig prepared from Whole Foods or the like, but there's no budget for a caterer.

Any suggestions as to foods to consider and how to serve them if it's not obvious?

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  1. Being from New England, when I think of Maine I really think of seafood---fried or fresh. You can do a raw seafood platter with oysters, shrimp, lobster claws etc. You might be able to get Whole Foods to put something like that together for you. These things obviously run a little more money, but maybe you can get a good deal if you buy enough.

    Blueberry pie, cobbler, or cake bars would certainly be a treat you would find in Maine.

    You could also make your own mini lobster rolls...just make a bunch of them and then cut them into appetizer size portions. You could also do a clam/seafood chowder (they sell this at Whole Foods as well).

    Not totally Maine, but up and down New England you can find Cape Cod chips. You can serve that with an onion dip.

    You might also consider posting this in the New England chat to get advice from real Mainiacs (as I like to call them :) ).

    1. Corn chowder
      Baked beans
      Brown bread
      Whoppie pies
      Maple syrup on snow (shaved ice?), served with a pickle
      Dunkin Doughnuts

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        Oooo whoppie pies! Good call. This is a good list of foods. Reminds me of camp :)

        1. re: Elyssa

          Elyssa -- where do you think I learned about Italians and Dagwoods? LOL

      2. I second whoopie pies! Think Oreo Cakester, but much bigger.

        Also, Maine has a version of the cold cut sub called an Italian. It's served on a soft roll. The usual ingredients are ham, cheese, salami, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, pickles, and black olives. The key is the proper roll. You could make Italians and slice them up.

        In some parts of Maine the same ingredients are stuffed into pita bread and are known as a Dagwood.

        Crispy bacon is a beloved extra ingredient on both. Ayuh!

        Regarding blueberries, you've gotta get wild blueberries, which are much smaller and far far tastier than what you get around here. Unfortunately, they are very seasonal and now is not the season.

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        1. re: Bob W

          Frozen wild blueberries are not difficult to find. They are not from Maine, but they are the wild variety. I can get them at my Safeway on Columbia Road. But you'd surely have to cook them into something -- how about blueberry scones?

          1. re: Bob W

            a wild brand is in the freezer case at COSTCO,the flavor is excellent

            1. re: lcool

              Yes, we buy those too. For baking scones or muffins they'd be perfect. I think the brand is Wyman's.

              Still, there is nothing like fresh wild blueberries! That must be the one saving grace of living in a place like Machias.