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Tilda basmati rice toronto

Does anyone know where I can buy Tilda rice? Spadina--Dundas or anywhere else in Toronto? Thanks

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  1. Tilda is my favorite brand of basmati rice. I usually purchase it at No-Frills but I have seen it on occassion at Wal-Mart & Loblaw/Superstores.

    1. I'm looking for Tilda basmati rice, too. But I can't find it at the usual No Frills or Loblaws. These stores now carry PC brands of rice.
      Has anyone seen Tilda basmati rice lately?

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      1. re: carissima

        I saw some at the Victoria Park & Gerrard Loblaws last night.

        1. re: jayt90

          Same here. Loblaws/NoFrills and other NG outlets carry various brands of basmati where it sells strongly; elsewhere, probably not.

          1. re: Kagemusha

            jay90, unfortunately, Costco is not an option for me.

            1. re: carissima

              I just bought a bag the other day at my local Zehrs (a.k.a.) Loblaw/Great Canadian Superstore. I haven't bought any in quie a while, since my previous bag was a 5lb Mr. Gouda's sack which lasted a long time. The Tilda packaging is a metallic royal blue and looks pretty flashy. I found it amongst the vaious rice types in the regular aisles (vs. health food/organic aisle).

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                sweetpea, at which store (location) did you buy? How big is the package?

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                  Sorry to say that my store is in Windsor, but I can't imagine that the stock would be much different in T.O. stores. My bag is 2lb (907g). The bag has a resealable sticker, like a sack of coffee beans. The best before date is Feb. 01, 2011. I'm guessing that this packaging is quite new. My Zehrs recently got renovated and is now a Superstore, I believe. Along with the renovation has come more ethnic/imported items (the tilda rice is packaged in the UK and imported by the USA).

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                    sweetpea, Windsor is a little bit further than I'm prepared to go for Tilda rice :)
                    I called the Indian restaurant on Dupont, and asked where I could buy the brown basmati rice from India, not from USA.
                    It is Evergreen store, 513 St Clair West.

        2. Try the Indian stores at Albion and Islington.

          1. I've seen it at Metro at Kennedy Commons in Scarborough, so you might try contacting them and see if there is a closer store that carries it.

            1. The Loblaws at Vic Park/Gerrard had it this morning. It is probably at Queens Quay, but no guarantees.

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                I just called, and they are out of it!!!

                1. re: carissima

                  I have seen Tilda brand rice at Loblaws (Queens Quay), but IMO it is extremely overpriced. One small bag was around $10 I believe - crazy. I usually go with something from the Indian grocers, or, believe it or not, the PC brand basmati. It's actually really good.

                  1. re: sam_1

                    Wow! Goes to show you the price disparity from store to store and city to city. My 2 lb bag cost me $5.99 in Windsor. The 4 lb bag was going for $10.99. I'm sure the PC product was cheaper, but I won't buy the PC rices. I had a bag of PC Jasmine and it consistently cooked up mushy and waterlogged, which never happens when I buy the imported Thai rice from my Southeast Asian grocer here in Windsor.

              2. House of Spice on Augusta? Parliament & Wellesley?

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                1. re: Dimbulb

                  House of Spice indeed carries brown basmati rice from India. Good enough :)

                2. Just picked up some Tilda rice in the blue aluminium package
                  from no frills at the Dundas-Landsdowne store...4 pounds for $9.99..this is some trully tasty rice..yumm.

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                  1. re: ChowTO

                    ChowTo, is it white or brown Tilda rice?

                    1. re: carissima

                      carrissima the Tilda is white basmatti rice...i also seen 10 pounds for $18.99 at the no-frills Dufferin Mall location..this Tilda cooks up perfectly in my Zojirushi Rizo,,it's so light it defies gravity.
                      Just noticed Satish Patel post for 10lbs for $15.99,,Thanks...am i overcooking this rice for it's so light that i don't remember ever having basmatti that tasted like this or anything aproaching the feel of this Tilda..is it supposed to be so different?

                    2. re: ChowTO

                      You can also purchase Tilda from BJ Supermarket @ Gerrard and Coxwell. I noticed that the price of the Tilda brand is slowly increasing: 10lbs for $15.99

                    3. Tilda rice is way overpriced and overhyped. You are better off buying Elephant brand basmati at a reasonable price, available at most Indian or Asian grocers. It is less expensive, aged longer and an overall superior-tasting product.

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                      1. re: bogie

                        bogie, i'm looking for brown basmati, not white. Is there brown Elephant rice, as well?
                        As to Indian and Asian stores, they usually sell in huge packages.
                        BTW, I have found a good aged brown basmati rice in bulk at SLM

                        1. re: bogie

                          Will try the Elephant brand...
                          Here's a link to the Tilda rice website,,must be 20 varieties

                          1. re: bogie

                            That is correct. I don't bother searching for it. I use Elephant 817. Click here to see what the bag looks like: http://www.eastwestbazaar.com/product...

                            Here is a place in Brampton that has both brands: http://www.gurubazar.ca/index.php?cPa...

                            I buy my rice on Gerrard St.

                              1. re: carissima

                                it's stored for up to 2 years but I haven't checked the actual method. The rice attains a more nutty flavour due to the aging process.

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                                  A sub-thread about cooking the rice has been split to the Home Cooking board: