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Mar 14, 2009 08:22 AM

Jamie from Top Chef doing demo at SF Farmers' Market 3-21.

Just saw in the SF Farmers' Market email that Jamie Lauren will be doing a demo there on Saturday 3-21 - seasonal foods. Thought those Chowhounds that were rooting for her might like to check it out.

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  1. cmvan, thanks for the heads up that the FPFM has a newsletter. I didn't realize (though I should have) and have now signed up so I can drool from afar year round.

    1. I went and it was pretty fun for a free event. Lots of people there, even more than when Cosentino was there right after his ICA battle with Batali. She was making an asparagus salad with charred red onion vinaigrette, burrata and speck and also taking questions about her experience on Top Chef. First thing she said was no questions about Stefan, apparently had enough of those. One of the more interesting questions was about how she felt about Hosea winning. She was trying to be diplomatic and talked about how the competition really was about doing the best week to week but it was quite obvious that she didn't feel he was the best all season. Lots of other questions about who she keeps up with, how people were portrayed, the finale twist and that night she and Leah were wasted. All in all, she seemed pretty relaxed, almost a bit embarrassed about all the attention she is getting and focused back on Absinthe and the extra attention it's been getting.