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Mar 14, 2009 07:57 AM

LA Chowies need college tour dinner

We 2 moms and teen daughters will be in Boston Sunday, April 5th. We're taking 2 BC students to dinner and need a place for the 6 of us - good food, casual atmosphere,
Boston-y feel. We're staying at the Radisson Boston but if the restaurant could be near-ish to BC that would be good. Obviously not sushi, Mexican or Asian please. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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  1. For a Boston-y BC experience you can try Union Street in Newton Centre. It is a casual pub/bar with above average food. In Brookline there are the Publick House and Washington Square tavern and in Kenmore Square (closer to BU than BC) is Eastern Standard. All have been discussed extensively on this board.

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      I would also second Eastern Standard- I'm actually a senior at BC and go there somewhat often. It's fairly close to BC, ten min car ride, but if youre taking public transportation.... the B line takes quite a while. For something even closer I would recommend Tartufo in Newton Center for Italian or Appetito. I'm not sure if either of these have that "Boston-y" feel you're looking for. Eastern Standard will definitely fulfill in that aspect.

      1. re: Snoop37

        Eastern Standard will give you more of a Boston feel than something in the suburbs.

    2. Legal Seafood is in Chestnut Hill and very close to Boston College. A Boston experience should include seafood. Raw bar, lobster rolls, fresh fish and hot lobster dinners. They have good desserts too. While some on chowhound may find fault with Legal the Chestnut Hill location is always busy. You can and should make a reservation on Legal has been around a long time but for the most part always reliable.

      1. OK, I'm gonna say it: I'm rather actively unimpressed with the chow choices right near BC. Unfortunately for you, perhaps the single best restaurant around Chestnut Hill is Oishii, one of the better sushi restaurants in Boston, but like you said, not much point for a group of Angelinos.

        Based on your geographic and stylistic constraints, I'd probably recommend the suburban branch of Aquitaine, an above average faux French bistro. Never had anything revelatory there, but it's consistently pretty good.

        If you can head towards town, you can do much, much better. Totally agree about Kenmore Square and Brookline. A few names that haven't been thrown out yet: Pomodoro, La Morra, Brookline Family Restaurant (a little light on atmosphere), Trattoria Toscana.

        1. Having lived in LA and a frequent visitor, I would not do a high end restaurant here. You are going to be disappointed.

          I second the choice of a fish restaurant, or a restaurant that does fish well. Indeed, a simple boiled lobster is something that no LA restaurant does well. My choice might be Davio's, which has extraordinary tuna and swordfish. Legal's is good for oystersand lobsters, but again my last venture there was again lackluster. Italian restaurants here, if you like southern Italian, may also be a good pick.

          1. What could be more "Boston" then the North End? Neptune Oyster for seafood but I'd vote for Prezza for outstanding food, service and wine