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Mar 14, 2009 07:12 AM

Dinner recommendations Harrisburg

I will be driving from State College back to Plymouth Meeting on a Friday at about 4pm. Harrisburg looks like a good place to stop for dinner, but I would stop anywhere en route that is worth the stop. I am looking for anything good, sit down restaurant, not too fancy. (no dress up required).

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  1. Lancaster Brewing Co. is very convenient to the highway - I assume you will drive right by it. I haven't been to that location, but a very reputable chef, Larry Nauman is now there, so I would believe the reports I've heard that to food is good. While I am not condoning imbibing then getting into the car, I can vouch for some pretty good beer, for sure.

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      I would second the recommendation for Lancaster Brewing Harrisburg. We dine there quite often and the atmosphere is friendly and casual. The food is top notch gastropub fare and very affordable and of course the beer is awesome. It is also located right off of the turnpike. Here is their website

    2. This is easy -- after you get off 322, but before you get onto the Turnpike, stop at Tres Hermanos in Steelton, it's a great authentic taqueria -- basically a lunch counter with a variety of cheap, great eats. I recommend the carnitas (fried pork) and lengua (tongue) tacos, and the shrimp tostados, which come with a bunch of avocado. Great!

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