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Mar 14, 2009 06:50 AM

Best bang for your buck? Downtown TO

What do you guys think are the best bang-for-your-buck restaurants downtown and why??

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  1. Kokyo at Yonge/College
    It's more like a quantity over quality place but they do have some yummy items like their salmon sushi pizza. I also got one order of their hamachi sashimi once which contains 3 pieces and found 8 big pieces in my takeout container when I got home. Albeit their sashimi is not that great in quality but it's still pretty fresh, I guess turnover is pretty fast because they are so generous.

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    1. re: hippotatomus

      Have you tried Mariko on Yonge near the old Future Shop? $14.50 all you can eat sushi and Japanese food.

      1. re: Teep

        SO refuses to go there because he went once and it was horrible. Not too sure what made it horrible but my SO is usually satisfied pretty easily when it comes to food.. so for him to say it was bad must mean it was 'really' bad.. for ayce sushi places though I like Sushi Tomato -- their sushi rice is really yummy. Tried Yang's kitchen recently after reading reviews that the food is good despite the service is bad and funny enough i found it the opposite! Bad food, good service :P They let us annoyingly change tables twice before settling on a third and service was extremely fast. Though I think I heard one of the sushi chefs make a comment in Chinese to each other about us coming at such as "early" time for lunch. It was only 1:30pm.

        1. re: hippotatomus

          When I went to Yang's Kitchen it was both bad food and bad service...

      2. I think the best bang for your buck in downtown is George's BBQ. The best rotisserie chicken and Montreal smoked meat to die for. Very well priced for what your get. Dundas in between Sherbourne and Jarvis.

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        1. re: megaal36

          Totally agree. The quarter chicken and the fries with gravy always calms any stomach growlings I've had.

          I am so glad they are still around.


          still sad that Wooden Green Fish & Chips is gone...baw bawwww

          1. re: megaal36

            montreal smoked meat? where are they getting it from?

          2. Chinatown Centre lower level food court. $3.50 for 6 choices, in a big ass container.

            Sure it's been shut down several times for infestation -- but that just means it's AUTHENTIC cuisine, man.

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            1. re: lexxypie

              Seconded for truly being best bang for your buck except it's a food court and not a restaurant.

              I say Little India lunch buffet is great bang for your buck. Solid buffet.

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                No matter how cheap and big the portions are. Not worth it. I would choose sanitary over cheap price any day. Only restaurants with green signs for me and my family.

                1. re: caitlink

                  The Chinatown Centre food Court isn't good enough for you and your family?!!! Hilarious. Chinatown has some good spots but the food court there is shady and has got some really bad hygene stories. I also heard that one of the places there where serving up strange household animals as meat. Not sure if that was in the news way back or if it's a racist urban legend?

                  I think Buddha's Vegetarian is great bang for the buck (666 Dundas). Massive portions. Go with a couple friends and you could spend $5 and be stuffed. The sweet and sour soup is great. The special buddha's noodles is greasy as hell but satisfying and lots of veggies to make up for the oil. The spring rolls are smokey flavorful and massive and a buck each. The diced veggies with cashews is also very good as is the curry noodles which are good with something accompanying them. Follow these recs and don't be a hero there as many of their dishes are not so good.

              2. Walk around Kensington Market with about 10-15 bucks in your pocket. Walk out stuffed.

                1. Nota Bene - reasonable prices for high quality food and atmosphere.
                  Le Paradis - cheap bistro goodies.
                  Sushi on Bloor - possibly only because I have fond memories of university sushi binges...