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Mar 14, 2009 06:48 AM

Is there any way to ripen canteloupe?

I bought a couple on sale and they are still too hard and a little green on the end. Anything I can do to ripen them? Thanks!

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  1. Once a canteloupe (musk melon) has been picked the "ripening" process stops, the melon will get softer as it decays.

    1. I don't know where you live, but this time of year cantaloupe is likely to have been picked too early and shipped too far and they don't tend to be great. They may rot before they ripen, but you can try just leaving them on your counter for a day or two or in a paper bag which will help hold the gases that help them ripen.

      I like to choose cantaloupes that are soft opposite the stem end and smell like cantaloupe even through the skin.

      Good luck.

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        The paper bag trick works well, but I also have a fruit ripener bowl that my mother in law bought me years ago and it works very well, too. I use it for all kinds of things.

      2. I always thought you cant get good canteloupe melons before June here in S.Cal. I'd love to be wrong and find a way to get good ones earlier

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          I'm in L.A. and have bought two cantaloupes in the past two weeks that were both quite sweet and tender. Maybe it's global warming.....

        2. they just get softer, but they don't get sweeter... meh.

          1. I am always skeptical of the "it doesn't get riper" claims, regardless of which fruit is meant. Since you can't open a melon more than once, how does one know it wouldn't taste different in 3 days if left undisturbed until then? Some fruits, including melons and pineapple, often develop a sweeter, deeper aroma if kept at room temperature for several days after purchase. Always smell the stem end - if it's sweet and ripe, it will have a pronounced aroma. If it doesn't, I check it daily for aroma and soft spots - if it develops the latter you have to open it whether or not it's sweet. Ditto pineapples (and I don't hold with the thing about pulling out an inner leaf. Look for maximum pinkish-gold rather than greenish tinge to the outside of both melons and pineapples.