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Providence: seeking birthday cake

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I'm looking for birthday cake purveyor suggestions in the Providence vicinity. Seems like there's a serious bakery shortage around here. Ideally, I'd like to avoid shortening/sugar frosting overload. A place that does a real buttercream or whipped cream frosting would be nice.

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  1. Try Wright's Dairy Farm in North Smithfield. They are a working dairy farm with a bakery attached and use whipped cream on their cakes. I've had a few at family events over the years and they have been very tasty.


    1. Pastiche, Spruce Street, Federal Hill, bakes the only store bought cake ever that rivals the best home made I have ever had.

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        Now that I read some of these I am in total aggrement on Pistache. The best of the best. I have seen Wrights Farm nice place but whipped cream and whipped cream Nothing beats good French buttercream it only takes a small piece to satisfy a person.

      2. I second Wrights Dairy Farm. Their strawberry cake (I believe w/ real whipped cream) is to die for.

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          I agree with others on the Wrights Dairy Farm recommendation.

        2. Sin Desserts, on Public Street. Jennifer is an amazing baker and has the awards and restaurant connections to prove it. Truly delicious, custom made, and memorable.

          1. Hello,
            Depending on the size and for a special day like a birthday Pastiche is prob. the best its expensive they are low key the best in ingredients butter cream cakes they will place the happy birthday to whom ever its simple,tasty,elegant as far as cakes and simple pastrys in my opinion the best all of my kids,wife cakes come from there we all have different tastes then make the best of the best.

            1. LaSalle Bakery does a nice job. Wright's is also great is whipped cream frosting is your thing.

              1. For a perfect birthday cake with beautiful frosting with writing and rich cake, try Scialo's on Atwells, an old-fashioned birthday. I got my daughter's 21st birthday cake there on the advice of a local gal. You will not be disappointed.
                Scialo Brothers Bakery
                - www.scialobakery.com - (401) 421-0986

                1. Pastiche is great, and pleasing to the eye as well. I agree on bakery shortage in pvd area. if your willing to drive a little i have enjoyed cakes and pastries from Ursalas as well. there assorted trays have always been a hit with parties too.


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                    Ursula's is indeed fabulous, and hardly a far drive. 10 minutes from downtown, tops.

                  2. To update, I ending up trying Scialo's on the hill. Went to Pastiche first but this was last minute and they didn't have any cakes ready-made. The Scialo's cake did not disappoint. I'm not really a birthday cake fan but my guests declared the cake rich and buttery and the frosting, a buttercream, was quite good.

                    1. Last week I got a cake from Wright's Dairy for my daughter's birthday. She loves chocolate but does not like buttercream or overly sweet icings. We got a marble cake, filled with chocolate pudding, and topped with whipped cream.

                      The cake was fresh and moist, and it was light and not too sweet.

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                        Picture of the cake from Wright's here: