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Mar 13, 2009 09:39 PM

what is the single best recipe you have ever made ?

If someone asked you to make your best of the best. What would it be ? I'm looking for any recipes that will just be your "go to recipes" that everyone loves. Thanks, looking foward to the diversity.

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    1. You're asking which of my kids I love best . . .

      1. I make my spicy grilled pork tenderloin. It marinade all day and then grilled.

        1 pork tenderloin 12 oz (I usually make 2 and just double the ingredients below)
        1/3 cup soy
        10 nice size garlic cloves minced
        1 teaspoon cumin
        1 teaspoon dried mustard or dijon will work
        3 tablespoons brown sugar
        1 teaspoon paprika
        3 tablespoons of cilantro or if you dislike cilantro, parsley will work

        Just put all the ingredients in a baggie and mix well, add the pork loin, seal, shake to make sure the pork is covered well. Let marinade all day and then grill. An outdoor grill work best for this. Serve medium, still lightly pink and moist.

        I usually serve this with my grilled squash and onions with my chili vinaigrette, grilled tomato halves with gorgonzola cheese and my grilled sweet potato planks

        This is a top request for my catering. It is so easy. As the pork rest I grill up the rest and serve.

        1. Came up with this 9 -10 years ago, still my favorite.

          1. swwet and sour meatballs

            2 lbs of grnd meat
            1 small onion chopped
            1 egg
            1/2 C Bread crumbs
            2 tsp water

            cook in oven on 350 for about 30 min

            meanwhile make suace

            1 btl of chili sauce
            1 btl of Grape Jelly
            1 TBL lemon juice
            2 TBL Brown sugar

            mix together in the pan you are going to heat it up in. and throw done meatballs in sauce asnd keep warm till serve....

            Everyone requests this.

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              Drew -- By "chili sauce", do you mean the ketchup-y kind?