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Mar 13, 2009 08:58 PM

Montreal - salt for salt cured ham?

Hi there:

A friend and I will be trying to make some home made salt cured ham (~prosciutto) and saucisson. Any recommendation as to where to buy non ionized salt in large amounts?

Anything near Le Plateau - downtown area ?


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  1. The PA has bags of coarse sea salt, as well as boxes of Aurora fine sea salt. Also the SA, corner StUrbain and Villeneuve has cheap sea salt.
    You'll want to get started soon on the prosciutto as the cool months are ending and you don't want to begin the curing in a warmer damp basement

    1. Careful - some sea salt is iodized. Gotta read the label.

      But - all supermarkets should stock "pickling salt", which is simply un-iodized salt.