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Mar 13, 2009 08:19 PM

MSP - cookies and candies

Does anyone know of a place in the Twin Cities (or metro area) that has cookies similar to those of Eleni's in NYC?

I'm also looking for a candy store that actually carries candy. It seems every place that calls itself a "candy" store really only sells chocolate. Candyland in MPLS basically just carries chocolate covered things (pretzels, Oreos, etc), but their selection of old school lollipops is VERY limited. They don't sell any barber poles (candy canes without the hook) or ribbon candy. Where in the area can I find these and other classic, old-school candies in Minnesota?

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  1. If you're willing to venture to the far southern metro, Kazolly's in downtown Lakeville has a lot of old school candies. Give Patty a call.

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    1. For candy, go to Regina's Candy, a classic, old-fashioned candy store. I just discovered their gumdrops made with real sugar - wow! The gumdrops and hard candy is made elsewhere. But they make dipped chocolates, peanut brittle, and candy canes on-site.

      Not sure if they always have ribbon candy - it might be Christmas only...

      But Regina's is very low-key and old-fashioned... ...unlike those fancy cookies at Eleni's. I'm not sure that Wobegon-land has cookies like that!


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        Yeah, I agree Eleni's is pretty spendy for a few cookies, but they are so cute. I was hoping there was a local, more reasonably priced option.

      2. Seems like you have the candy situation taken care of, so here are the cookies you wanted.

        Cookies by Design
        10100 6th Ave. North, Ste. 121
        Plymouth, MN 55441
        Local: 763-545-5777
        Toll-Free: 888-269-9880

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        1. re: NugarifiK

          I've had these before, they didn't taste good at all. They were mostly just for show. Thanks for replying though.

        2. Approach a reputable bakery and ask if they can do cookies like Eleni's. A great bakery in St. Paul is PJ Murphys on Randolph. I would also ask at Byerly's--their cakes are on the fancy side, so cookies can probably be done.

          There is a candy store in Mall of America with barber poles and penny candy.

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          1. re: jillbcooks

            good idea. i bet someone in the area is ABLE to make similar cookies as a custom order. i want to use them for wedding favors, so perhaps the qty would make it worth the baker's time.

            1. re: rachel_reagan

              I think that would be precious. Everyone loves food. My friend Susan gave us our favors for our weddings as a gift-she put together little boxes of truffles for our guests-it was really special.

          2. I had fabulous iced sugar cookies from Patrick's in Wayzata recently--they were pretty, too.

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            1. re: midwaygirl

              i must have looked right over them. i was just at patrick's for some macaroons on friday. i'll have to check again. thx.