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Mar 13, 2009 07:20 PM

Special dishes at L'entrepont?

Hi... I am going back to Bistro l'Entepont, the last time I was there was over 10 years ago, and I was wondering if there was any special dish not to be missed. I have to make an effort to go elsewhere than Le zeste de folie because everytime I go to a restaurant, I compare it to Le zeste and end up disappointed. I went tonight to Le zeste and had the best tartare ever! I had a bison tartare as an appetizer. It was made with oranges and cashews. It was so good! Everyone should go there just for that tartare! Let's just say that it is a step up from my dinner last week at Macaroni supper club;(

Hope to hearing from you about L'Entrepont!

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  1. Cricri7, I am worried you will be a little disappointed by L'Entrepont. It has a different vibe than Zeste, and I think if you are looking for another Zeste, it won't measure up.

    What I like about L'Entrepont is that the place is cosy, the food is well-made, generous in portion, and very wine friendly. They have a table d'hote, and the soup is always tasty, the trou normand over the top, the sides are an interesting selection of vegetables. I always like their lamb, but it isn't an earth-shattering dish, it is predictable and comforting. I think you can say that about all their dishes. The sauces are very good, they've obviously been reduced for quite some time, and they don't skimp in making them.

    L'Entrepont is a fun neighbourhood bistro. I like the vibe. And because I can bring my own wine, I find it much cheaper than going to a regular resto with a wine list. I have some very fun wines to drink. I can walk home from this place, so I don't have to worry about drinking. It is unpretentious and fun. It is a little more casual that Zeste perhaps. But if what you want is Zeste, go to Zeste. Zeste is great! But I just can't walk to Zeste like I can L'Entrepont. And I don't worry about getting a little rowdy at L'Entrepont!

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      It is the same for me...I can walk home from the Zeste so this is one of the reasons I like going there. I know I won't try comparing l'Entrepont to the Zeste because this last one is in a different league. It always puts a different twist on dishes, they sometimes miss but sometimes, like the bison tartare last night, they hit big!

      I thought of having the lamb or the sweetbreads at l'Entrepont. I love sweetbreads but I don't eat them at too many places, and I don't have them often. Their entrees all look interesting compared to the appetizers but since a soup is included, I will probably save some place for cheese after the entree.

      Thanks Moh for your answer....Go to Zeste quickly if you want to taste their bison tartare!

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        Cricri7, I think you nailed it on the head when you said that Zeste puts a different twist on dishes. I completely agree that when they are on, they are outstanding! But that twist occasionally makes it harder to pair wines well with the dishes, so it can be unpredictable, especially since you can only bring so many wines to the resto! I go to Zeste when I want something interesting foodwise, and feel like taking a risk. They often pay big on that risk! But when I want to savour a beautiful wine, then I like L'Entrepont because I know their flavour profiles well, and it is easier to make a good food-wine match.

        I am sad to say that I may have to pass on the bison tartare, as I need to avoid certain foods right now... it sounds excellent. The addition of oranges and nuts sounds very appealing.

        As for the sweetbreads at L'Entrepont, I like them very much, and often order them, as I never make sweetbreads for myself at home. They are a very reliable choice. The sauces are really very good at this resto, and the sweetbread prep is no exception.

    2. I just came back from L'Entrepont and I was pleasantly surprised. We went to the first service and I often have bad experiences at the first service because you often feel that they just want to get you out and the waiters are not relaxed. This was not the case here. The waiter is alone and, big surprise, the chef-owner Dave comes out and helps him out when he can. He is a big and sociable guy that stops and chat while picking up empty glasses, handing out menus, setting up new tables for the second service. You don't often see chefs doing that and he joked that it was a way to cut out staff!

      We were 4 and 2, including me, had the sweetbreads and the other 2 had the cerf. The plates had lots of vegetables, which I often find lacking at other restaurants, and everything was good. The soup was a mushroom soup and it was good. I was not hungry enough to have the degustation menu and you have to take into account that the plates are very full!

      I surely will go back there because the food is good and the service is great also. I often am disappointed in restaurants but this was not the case here.

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        Cricri7, I'm glad you liked this little haunt. The Table d'hote/degustation menu is an insane amount of food, that is a fact. I have rolled home late at night one too may times, often needing assistance from friends, not just because of wine over-consumption, but because I am so stuffed I can hardly waddle. Not a pretty sight. Ahh but so many great memories of good meals with good friends!

      2. I went there about 2 years ago, and i was truely impressed. I had the kangaroo meat which was, interesting but the best dish, by far, was the filet mignon! It totally melted in your mouth, it was amazing. Big recommendation

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          Last few times I went, they had a ''salmon for two'' dish, this large fish to share, and I remember that was a winner.