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Mar 13, 2009 07:13 PM

Tips for an afternoon in Park Slope?

Spending Saturday afternoon in Park Slope and have a couple hours to kill before dinner (Al Di La). Usually like to go to Sahadi's when I'm in Bkln but thought I'd try something new. Any recs for good places to browse/get a good bite to go or some cool groceries?

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  1. I like Bierkraft in that area. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be quite nice, so you can also stroll across the Union Street bridge and check out Stinky on Smith.

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      Alternately, if you want to drink your beer when you buy it, you might think about Beer Table in south slope - a bit of a walk, but easily doable if you have time before Al Di La.

    2. I hate to go non-food on you, but why not take a nice walk through Prospect Park and end up with a visit to the Brooklyn Museum? You've chosen PS's best for dinner, so work up an appetite by seeing the best the neighborhood has to offer.

      1. Update: famdoc, couldn't pull myself away from the food for too long, but popped into a whole bunch of cute stores while walking along 5th, stopped in trois pommes for a quick bite late-afternoon, and spent the rest of my time strolling through the, so cute. And btw, Al Di La was wonderful.