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Best Mussels & Fries together or seperate

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Looking for a place around midtown but willing to go anywhere in manhattan. Any ideas? Thanks

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  1. Cafe de Bruxelles is my favorite. It's not in midtown, but well worth a trip south, if you ask me.


    Resto is good also, but not AS good. And also not in midtown. Sorry!


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    1. The best ever are downtown at Schillers liquor bar. You cant go wrong.

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          BXL Cafe - 43rd between 6th and 7th. Excellent mussels and excellent frites (and decent beer, too), I highly recommend it. Just watch out on when you go: there's a _huge_ after-work rush, which makes the place nearly uninhabitable weeknights between 6 and 8:30.

      1. All located below 14th street: Best ones I has was at Alta. I also never had a bad one at Schillers liquor bar and Pastis. Great fries. Cafe de Bruxelles and Petite Abeille tastes like it has a foul sac of water when I bite into it. Or Is it just me?

        1. I know this is the manhattan board but the mussels and fries at Rouge in the Berkshires are the best I have ever had! The mussels and fries at Petit Abeille in Tribeca are surprisingly very good.

          1. Anyone tried flex mussles? I have not but just curious.

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                Have been to flex 6 times now. There are 23 different types of broths to eat with the mussels, some certainly better than others - I prefer to keep it simple, the Provencal is my fav. All in all, the place is very good although I did eat there one night on what must've been an off-night for the mussel shipment.

              2. The locals in the east 50s all swear by Jubilee (54th, bet 1st & 2nd).

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                  My wife and other mussel eaters also love them. I don't eat mussels, or any seafood, but I am a french fry nut, and Jubilee's are a BIG disappointment. One other thing about Jubilee, be friendly. You'll be in your neighbor's lap!

                2. Tried Flex Mussels in NYC last weekend. I tried Thai Mussels and my friend had the bisque. Both were excellent, and came with multiple refills of bread (useful to soak up the wonderful broth). We split a small $5 cornet of fries (crispy, not greasy but could have been a bigger portion) . We passed on dessert, which sounded wonderful (caramel filled donuts with dipping sauce).

                  The menu is pretty simple: mussles and a choice of about 10 broths, price range $16 to $10 or so. Oysters/ raw seafood plates are avaiable for appetizers, and I think there is one chicken option on the menu. A lot of bang for the buck for this price point, especially in NYC. Servers were attentive. We sat near the kitchen, which wasn't overly noisy. Front of restaurant has long counter- not sure how that would work with a big bowl of mussels. Please, Flex, open a Boston branch soon!

                  PS: I wish they would serve cherry beer, for the true Belgian mussels experience.

                  1. For great mussels...if ever in Garden City, L.I., visit Waterzooi

                    Love the Thai! Huge pot, great service, huge beer selection