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Mar 13, 2009 06:56 PM

Locally raised meats on Central Coast?

Hey Gang,
I'm driving from LA up to Big Sur and back in a couple weeks. I've seen a bunch of shops along the coast listed on that sell locally raised (grass-fed) beef , pork and (free-range) chicken from small farms and ranches. I'd like to do some meat shopping on my way home and was wondering if any stores are particularly recommended.
Thanks. -J

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  1. You could try the Arroyo Grande Meat Company (in the old village). It's been a while since I've been in there but I thought they used to carry local meats.

    1. If you are willing to bip over from Cambria to Paso Robles through the lovely Hiway 46 West wine country corridor, you can catch 101 south a few miles to Templeton to Nature's Harvest in Templeton. Melanie is natural/organic all the way. Just off Main St, about midtown. Take Vineyard Dr east from 101, turn left onto Main and go maybe 3 long blocks. It'll be on your left. Most of the meats will be frozen. If there is anything special you want, call ahead.

      The Morro Bay and Cambria and Saturday SLO farmer's markets always have the local beef producers represented, too. Morro Bay is Thurs afternoon, at the Spencer's Mkt parking lot on N Main, just off Hiway 1 in north Morro Bay; Cambria is Fri afternoon at the Vet's parking lot (2nd signal southbound on 1 in Cambria), and SLO Saturday morning @ 8 mkt is at the Gottschalk's parking lot, just off 101 at Madonna Rd in SLO. Just off hand, never seen pork.

      Natures Touch Nursery & Harvest
      140 7th St, Templeton, CA

      1. If you're taking Hwy 101 for your return, swing through Salinas and stop at Star Market. Here's my post on the grassfed beef offered there.

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          1. To expand on what Toodie said, Nature's Touch sells meat from several of the local producers of beef, pork, and goat, and lamb. Old Creek Ranch and Creston Meats are the two that I usually buy. If you go through on Saturday you can hit the Templeton Farmer's Market and Debbie from Creston has a stand. Otherwise, you can get it at the store around the corner.

            Unfortunately, our chicken provider from their doesn't have any birds right now since it is still too cold. So the only chicken at Nature's Touch is from So Cal. But in a month or so we should have chicken again.

            You can also pick up direct from Old Creek if you call ahead.