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Mar 13, 2009 06:53 PM

Thislte/Euston quality places to eat?

So I booked a room for my GF and I at euston and am hoping there are some fun places to eat? We are on a smallish budget (effing econmy) but can spend if it is worth it. We are traveling from DC and are around for the week. Open to any type as long as the quality is there.


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  1. You are very close to a strip of South Indian eateries on Drummond Street, they are very inexpensive and great fun. I'd recommend those if you are OK with spicy food.

    In the other direction, a bit further, would be North Sea fish bar, an above average (hopefully still is) F&C shop with sit down eating. Again, affordable.

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      London is full of so many good places to eat that are cheap, you just know where to find them. The best place is Time Out's cheap eats book that they produce yearly but also their website is a great start.

      One of my favourites is Tay Do Cafe on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch. Its Vietnamese and the food is fantastic. Its also BYO so you dont have to sheel out loads for alcohol & there is an off licence across the road!

      Happy eating!


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        Avoid Drummond St. Aside from Patak's there's really no reason to go, and Patak's is very expensive compared to Outer London South Asian stores (and it's in no way unique. The selection's actually smaller than what you'd get on Green St.)

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          where's Green Street? I guess I was thinking of places near the OP.

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            There is one good place to eat on Drummond St - Raavi Kebab. Below is a post about it I made a while ago (by the way - it is very basic, like a cafe; they don't serve alcohol, and you can't bring your own either; but it is very friendly):

            I don't have much experience of eating on Drummond St, but I have been to Raavi Kebab, and it's definitely worth a visit. They serve the best seekh kebabs on the planet, with a great coriander sauce. I tried the Nihari, which has had good reviews on this site, but I found it a bit ordinary really - the sauce was a bit one dimensional. The haleem is also supposed to be good. I liked the look of some of the dishes other people were eating - one looked like a lamb and spinach dish and another like a sag aloo, but I've not tasted them.

        2. Just a few doors down from North Sea Fish Bar is Chilli Cool which is definitely worth your while. Delicious Sichuan food, decent prices, and some of the worst service I've ever had in my life.

          Local lunch spots include Italia Uno (Italian sandwiches) on Charlotte, the Indian YMCA, Hanna Supermarket's downstairs restaurant, etc. All have been posted on.

          I'd also recommend you to consider a District Line ride out to East Ham for a meal at Thattukada. The food has no comparison in DC or pretty much the whole East Coast of the U.S. except for one Keralan place in New York that is inches away from death. It's only 30 minutes to East Ham if not less from Euston Square. Silk Road in Camberwell is also incredible, but it requires more effort to reach. Same amount of time though! Northern Line to Elephant and Castle followed by the #12 bus for about 10-15 minutes towards Dulwich Library. Incredible Xinjiang style Chinese food (Uighur/Chinese.) All of the above have a lot of posting history so if you search them you can get better details.

          You might as well take a Victoria line shot down to Brixton for pizza at Franco Manca, Colombian at Como y Punto, and Jamaican of all sorts. It's only 18 minutes from Warren St to Brixton (trust me, I barely make it from uni to there and back before my next classes.)

          All of this is extremely cheap for London and I would happily eat at any of the above 7 days a week (well, I'd get really bored of Hanna after day 2, but one can dream of an expanded menu. They only have 2 items.)

          1. You could try Konstam at the Prince Albert which isnt too far from Euston (in Kings Cross). It's more expensive than the other budget places suggested here but would be worth trying - it's good value for money. All ingredients are locally and seasonally sourced and the room is amazing.

            1. At Euston you are very close to Charlotte Street where you will find a range of restaurants ranging from quite expensive to quite cheap.
              I've had good meals at for instance Josephine, a philippino restaurant. Worth going for a walk there anyway.

              I'd like to add that Italia Uno is one of my favorite lunch spots in London, however get there early or late to avoid everyone.

              1. You're also a short walk from Eversholt Street, just by Mornington Crescent Station. Try El Parador, great tapas, and a good reasonable wine list.

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                  Thanks so much for all the thoughts, trip is in a week and a half and we can't wait. I'll get back to everybody with our picks.