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Mar 13, 2009 06:44 PM

Just got back from Ngon Bistro - MSP

We just got back from Ngon Bistro. They have something new during happy hour (3 - 6 pm) -- a bunch of small plates. I can''t remember them all now. There was a beef sandwich, a pate thing and all kinds of other things. My sweetheart was hungry so he had a big bowl of pho. But I was not so hungry so I had one of the small plates and really liked it. The one I had was walleye tempura with a noodle salad with a curried vegetable relish (not sure that's what they called it -- excellent) and pickled vegetables. My small plate was $5 and it was plenty for me and really good. The walleye tempura was excellent. And they have all Minnesota beers $1 off per glass during happy hour (which we loved as beer lovers) and a similar reduction of some kind for wines. I love this place -- everything fresh and beautiful, and it was a delight to discover these reasonable small plates too. Especially on a night when a small plate was all I needed.

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  1. karykat,
    What does your sweetheart say about the pho at Ngon? I'm on a serious mission to find the ultimate pho and am on a cities-wide 'pho'quest '. I've heard MANY opinions about who's is the best..... have yet to find it....

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      He gave me a taste of the broth. It has an elusive bit of spiciness to it. Not sure quite what but it was good. And it had some sausage in it -- housemade I'm sure -- that was very delicate and good. We both liked it.

      By chance, we went to Tampopo tonight and he ordered the soup with beef and udon. And he was saying that he liked that broth more because it was deeper and heartier.

      And I really like their noodle bowls at Tampopo too. But comparing the Japanese broth (seaweed and bonito flake based) with the phos is comparing apples to oranges. And I very much do like the Ngon pho.

      I think you will need to try it.

    2. kk - thanks for the reminder about a great St Paul place. I need to return soon!

      1. I love Ngon!
        It is a must when I am in town for business.

        1. We recently had some small plates-- the tempura walleye, curried duck, and pork belly.

          The pork belly small plate was to.die.for amazing. I could eat that at every meal. What a steal for only $5 during happy hour!