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Mar 13, 2009 06:29 PM

St. Patty's Day ideas

I am looking for some ideas on where to go for St Patty's day in the Manchester/Southern, NH area. I know that there will be a ton of places with something going on, but I haven't been to many of them. I am looking for ideas for a place that will have live music, traditional Irish food (other than Corned beef), cater to a crowd other than the college scene (I'm in my 30's), and last a place where it doesn't matter if I am a big drinker or not-not that important for me. Just a place with good atmosphere, live music, etc. Any ideas in Manchester/Nashua/Concord area? Not looking to travel to Boston-maybe outer suburbs if you know a place. Thanks.

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  1. The Peddler's Daughter in downtown Nashua is a fun Irish-style pub. I have really enjoyed the food there, and think it is reasonably authentic Irish fare -- how often do you see boxty or Irish sausage in puff pastry on menus? -- so it's worth a trip even if you're not a big drinker.

    It always gets raucous there after about 9 or 9:30, so ... if you're more about food than drink, you might want to aim earlier than that.

    I have no idea what the Peddler's Daughter has planned for St Patty's Day, but based on what you've posted I imagine you'd like it.

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      Here's a bit more info, btw ...

      The Peddler's Daughter - Nashua
      48 Main St, Nashua, NH 03064

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        Ans a wee bit more:

        If you are in the Nashua area I think you'll be happy.

        Have fun wherver.

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          I prefer the Ped in Haverhill (the original one), but they are both fun. I recomend going on any day except S.P ( too many young-uns)

          p.s. It's pronounced "smiddicks", not SmithWicks

    2. Think NYE with beer. It is amateur night (and day).

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        Yup truff, and I've never drank a green beer in my life :-D


      2. We really enjoyed Shaskeen's sister place in Waltham last year - we will be in Manch. this year and may try it ourself. music and great food:

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          Hi lexpatti,
          Today, of all days, would NOT be the day to try the Holy Grail in Epping but I'm wondering if you've been and your thoughts on it. Even for a relatively new resto what I've read on-line is some of the most wildly varying opinions I can recall on everything from the food, the staff and even the ambiance. Their website looks impressive as does architecture from what I've seen of TV Diner & the Purple Pimps.


          Holy Grail Food & Spirits
          64 Main St, Epping, NH

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            I went there today because I hadn't heard of them and I saw your post. I can't comment on the service since they were so busy, but as for the food...

            I had the Shepherd's Pie, and it's described as "a blend of ground lamb and beef, with onions, mushrooms, carrots gravy, and herbs, topped with potato and baked".

            But what I got was ground beef in a watery stew, topped with mashed potato, and with tiny bits of carrot thrown in. (And I mean tiny... take a shedded carrot, and dice that. Now add a teaspoon full to the dish. I got that much carrot. Maybe less. ) If there were any onions or celery or mushrooms in there, I didn't see them. At least there were some carrots in the side of veggies that came with it.

            Also, I didn't get offered a choice of demi salad or irish slaw, nor was I offered rice, even though the menu says all entrees are served with these.

            As for the taste of the dish, it was okay, but it was seriously lacking in variety and lamb would have been much tastier. It didn't hold a candle to a shepard's pie I prepared at home once using Alton Brown's recipe here:


            I was really hoping that this time I'd found a place that served Irish cuisine which was actually great. This was merely adequate. The best I can say about it was it was better than the slop they serve at the Shaskeen and Wild Rover in Manchester.

            As for atmosphere, I can't really say it had much, but it was 3pm, and maybe the place looks nicer when lit up in the evening.

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              I haven't been and from the sounds of Ratat below, good that we stuck to our local neighborhood irish bar - Kilkenny's Pub on Rt. 38 in Lowell. We walked down and back, place was packed (inside and out, they put up a tent and have a band, etc) - they only do boiled dinner, that's it!! In the past it's free, this year was $6 for a full plate with all the cabbage, turnip and potatoe, carrots, etc. Was excellent. Can't beat that and got our excersize in by walking up and back. Happy P Day!!!

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                Sorry for the late reply lexpatti but my DA passed on the 15th.
                My DU & DCs had a St. P-day dinner on the 17th at their family's house in Danvers.
                At first I thought it an odd idea but I was wrong. Our extended family sat around after diner sorting through, and voting on, about 600 pictures being limited to only four boards for viewing at the wake. Most everybody, including myself, were viewing some pictures for the very first time or that we hadn't seen in ages.Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter, Guinness and Jameson had by all. Making for a bittersweet Saint Patrick's Day that none of us will ever forget, nor want to.


                BTW, I will check-out your local, Kilkenny's, one of these days.

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                  an unfortunate but memorable St. Paddy's for you. sorry.