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Brief Review: Zaatar Factory & Bakery, Burbank

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I was in Burbank earlier this afternoon, and while driving up on Glenoaks Blvd., noticed a "Zaatar Factory & Bakery". It just seemed too tempting to resist, so I drove into the strip mall, and entered the store to find a middle-aged Lebanese woman as a chef/manager.

Zaatar, has a very brief menu of about 15 items. I tried the potato, spinach, and cheese Burek ($2-3.5 each). All three were fresh, and the dough, was light, and when I asked, it turned out, it was also egg-less. The potato and spinach stuffing were delicately spiced, absolutely fresh, and very yummy. There are must-haves.

In addition, she had just baked "Khabzeh-Tahini" ($2 each), which looks like a flat-bread, but has Tahini (seasme paste?), sugar, and cinnamon. Given that I am not too fond of sweets, I felt that it had the right sweetness to it. Each of those flat-breads are hand-made, and from the looks of it certainly requires a lot of effort. Apparently Zaatar, is one of the few places to make this delicacy in the greater Los Angeles area.

Additionally, I got some Lahmajoun to-go, which was half-Zaatar, half-Harra. But that's for dinner. :)

All in all, for $16, Zaatar turned out to be an excellent excursion into Lebanese snacks.

Zaatar Factory & Bakery
2909 N Glenoaks Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 859-7353

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  1. thanks. lebanese may be the most underrated cuisine out there. the word zaatar gets my mouth watering. tahini flatbreads...mmmmmm.

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      The Zaatar is terrific. Warmed the Lahmajoun for about five minutes in the oven, and it is delicious. The Harra is not very spicy - tangy spicy is a more accurate description.

      BTW, this place is cash only.