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Mar 13, 2009 05:03 PM

passover dinner in a restaurant

Hi everyone,

I am looking for dinner option for passover this year.

anyone know of any restaurants in manhattan or brooklyn for a cool atmosphere, doesn't have to be kosher.


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  1. Not sure what you mean by cool atmosphere. (BTW, I think kosher restaurants generally close for Pesach b/c koshering the reseaturant would be so arduous - or if they're Indian/kosher or such, are not kosher for passover).
    Non-kosher - Lattanzi, Felidia, other Ital. rests. owned by that group have Italian Pesach food on their menus during the holiday. The big Italish-ish restaurant just below Canal Street (sorry for my non-memory -- I hope someone else will recognize) on the west side sometimes has a seder.

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      I'm guessing you are thinking of Capsouto Freres. If so, it is French, not Italian. I think they do something for Passover, but as of now, there is nothing about it on the website.

      Lattanzi always serves a special Passover menu for that week. This year, it will be April 8 - 16. Here's the menu:

      And, btw, Lattanzi is not owned by Lidia Bastianish.

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        Had passover dinner at Lattanzi last night. They could not have been nicer. The prix fixe dinner was wonderful. Striped bass and baby lamb chops, with an appetizer of chicken soup and almond cookies for dessert. Instead of bread, they served garlic buttered matzoh. We requested slow service, and it was honored. We were in no rush as we weren't going to theatre. We had a wonderful and memorable evening.

    2. Hi there! Have never been, but just read that Danal in the W.Vil has a passover dinner - both nights. Have heard amazing things about the place and looks like a really cool/funky atmosphere. Something a little different for passover!

      Here's the link for the menu -

      1. Telepan offers a Passover menu-I had it in the past year or two just so I could try his brisket-it was delicious.

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        1. re: David W

          How was it at Telepan's could you expand on that? Please

          1. re: Nancy191

            I hate to tell you that I can't really remember much...they had a special menu in addition to the regular one-obviously, it isn't Kosher, but was a play on traditional dishes. There were no choices, it was a set menu. You may want to call them or check back with them - usually they post a menu before one of the special menus is served..

            From the website:
            April 8th & April 9th Passover Dinner
            We will offer a $65 four-course non-kosher menu featuring some new twists on traditional Seder foods. Our regular menu will also be available these evenings.

        2. Thanks everyone.

          I decided on Sammy's Roumanian in the LES, it should be nicely crazy and hopefully the food will be good.

          a good pesach to everyone!

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          1. re: brooklynfoodgal

            1. It will be crazy.
            2. The food will not be good. Nowhere near good. Really, really, un-good.

              1. re: Potrezebie

                Hi everyone,

                I have to say that:

                yes it was crazy (in a fun, kitschy way)
                it was quite yummy
                and although not cheap, the portions were big, and I have an entire portion of their skirt steak in my freezer because the appetizers filled me up.

                my group had lots of fun!

                1. re: brooklynfoodgal

                  I'm glad you had a good experience - maybe Sammy's has improved since I was there. Thanks for reporting back!