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Mar 13, 2009 04:58 PM

Best Rugelach in GTA

Where can one find good rugelach here in Toronto? I'm looking for something like what you can get at Cheskie's in Montreal -- a moist, plump crescent, not something dry and crumbly.

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  1. Are you looking for rugelach or miniature danishes? Judging by your description, I think it's danish (made with a yeast dough) as opposed to rugelach (more of a cookie-type dough).

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      1. I like What a Bagel's in Forest Hill Village. Theirs aren't shaped as a crescent though (they are small) -- but they have a huge rack of different kinds -- I love them.

        1. I'm not familiar with Cheskie's rugelach, but I love What a Bagel's rugelach (Bathurst just north of Steeles). They are very good. Tatai, the proper dough for rugelach is a cream cheese dough, not a yeast or cookie dough. They arent too difficult to make.

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            Thanks, Tovah -- I'm very familiar with what rugelach are. I've been to Cheskie's (on Bernard Ave. in Outremont), and I don't believe they sell rugelach at all (and embee is correct: they would have to be pareve). Rugelach are not a "Montreal thing," either; I don't know of any bakeries in Montreal that have ever sold them.

            What I still believe that adkatz was referring to are small, crescent-shaped, yeast-dough danish. Cheskie's is well known for its delicious chocolate danish, which come in many shapes and sizes.

          2. I know that Cheskie's is a strictly kosher bakery. Do they make dairy based pastries or pareve only?

            I ask because I've never tasted non dairy rugalach that were particularly good. Ditto with non-dairy babka, but pictures I've seen of Cheskie's chocolate babka have actually made me drool.