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Mar 13, 2009 04:11 PM

Modern Chinese (SD)

When I lived in the Bay Area my favorite Chinese place was called Shen Hua. The food was very fresh and the flavors very clear. I have been struggling to find a place like that here. The food at a lot of Chinese places here seem quite old fashion. Any suggestions (aside from PF Changs)?

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  1. SD is lacking for the breadth and depth of Chinese that SF has. The better ones, which aren't what I think you're looking for is, Ba Ren (Szechuan), Little Sheep (Mongolian hot pot) and Dumpling Inn (Mandarin). Pearl and Emerald for dim sum, although I haven't been to either for a while and wait to go to Vegas, SF or LA for dim sum instead.

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      I think you're right, daantaat, but I was wondering if the OP might like China Max. It's the only place I might term modern Chinese.

      1. re: Ed Dibble

        China Max would be my suggestion, too.

        1. re: Ed Dibble

          I have not ventured into China Max, so I can't say. However, I trust your opinion!

      2. I am not familiar with Shen Hua in the Bay Area. Can you tell me where it is and what regional Chinese cuisine it serves?

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          I'm thinking the poster means Shen Hua in Berkeley. Dunno about the "modern Chinese", because they've been around for at least a decade. It's a place much like PF Chang''ll get Sesame Chicken, Hot and Sour Soup, Twice Cooked Pork...but they claim to be Northern Chinese.

          Dug up this article:

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            A couple of years ago I was working up in OC and we went to a place called Tri-Village in Irvine a lot - I thought it was GREAT. Would be interested to hear Kirk's opinion on it. I heard it changed hands though.

            1. re: Bobierto

              Tri Village was indeed sold and went way downhill. Also it might be best to avoid the premises for a while.


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                How long ago did Tri Village change hands. I used to frequent there pretty often when I was in the area but haven't been for about a year now. From what I remember it was still pretty good the last time I went.

                1. re: mliew

                  Don't recall specifically. I'm guessing first of the year last year.

          2. I haven't been to Shen Hua, but China Max on Convoy St. might fit the bill.