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Mar 13, 2009 04:05 PM

Single on Birthday in April in TO - Where to Go?

I will be in Toronto in April on my birthday and would like a really, really memorable meal. However, I will be by myself and although dining alone doesn't usually bother me, it is for my birthday so I would prefer the occasion be more festive. If I go to Sushi Kaji will it be okay that I am solo? Or Spendido? Can a Chowhound recommend a good place please! (I love Japanese food, or good food of any kind but prefer smaller portions of lots of stuff to big portions of only a few things). Thanks!

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  1. I personally think that you'd be more comfortable at Kaji if you're going to be solo, as you can sit at the sushi bar and socialize with Mitsuhiro Kaji as he prepares your sushi. He's very entertaining and will make you feel right at home. Plus, Kaji has the best Japanese in the city - both their sushi and their hot dishes from their kitchen are phenomenal (well, for Toronto, anyways...). One time when I was there Mitsuhiro had obviously gotten a little tipsy from all the saké, and was quite jolly and comical. Great place.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I was leaning towards Sushi Kaji - but I wasn't sure if the setup would be condusive to a single. It is always better to hear from someone who has been there.

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        You'd be more than fine at Kaji!

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          Yeah, just specify that you would like to sit at the sushi bar when you make your reservation.

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            Thanks for the tip - I will remember to do that. As you seem to be in the know, does Splendido have a bar? Or some sort of communal table? I would like to eat there too (the day after my birthday).

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              Splendido does indeed have a bar. I sure you would be quite comfortable eating solo there, as well. From their website:

              "We encourage people to dine at the bar where we serve a full menu when the volume of business allows it."

      2. Actually any high end place that has a bar generally get singles eating dinner there.. wether they be business men or just new to town. The bartenders tend to make sure they enjoy themselves. I find this especially true of places not known for tehir bars.. At Jamie Kennedys everyone crowds at the bar so it is not good for a single but at other high end places you wuld be fine...

        1. Nota Bene has a bar quite separate from the dining room and welcomes is stellar... Miranda

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            i find the bar too big at Note Benne for getting a cozy feeling when dining alone.. it is either full of bay steet boys bragging or empty and you feel very alone at that 50ft marble table... I find places with the bar more integrated in the dinning room gives you a better solo experience...

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              Thank you - I am thinking Splendido for the 2nd night. What about Rain? I hear conflicting information about it being open or closed. Is it open? Do they still have a tasting menu?